Will Tori Roloff Leave LPBW Because Of Jackson?

Tori Roloff

Tori Roloff has mentioned more than once, that she and her husband Zach, might be planning a future without reality TV in it. Whether that is because of all the toxic bickering that goes on within the family or whether critics get to her, is not clear. But, might it be to protect Jackson? Does the day approach when they will hang up his public hat once and for all?

Tori Roloff And Jackson Were Fan Favorites On Little People Big World

LPBW followed the Roloff family in Oregon for much longer than Jackson Roloff has been alive. And yes, the six-year-old became a fan favorite with his playful antics and outgoing personality. However, viewers have often raised concerns about the family’s approach to Jackson’s health, specifically regarding Jackson’s legs which are bowed. He only had minor non-invasive surgery done and it’s not clear that it worked. TLC  fans seem convinced that he must experience pain as a result and his mom gets a lot of hate for it.

Critics slap at Tori Roloff and her husband Zach despite them publicly stating that they will explore other options before resorting to invasive surgeries that could straighten his legs. It was only recently, that Jackson suddenly realized that physically, he’s different from other kids. When his dad was little, people also adored him. But opinions changed as he grew older. Nowadays, critics label him as “lazy,” and that’s the least of it.

Kids Of Tori Roloff, Jackson, Lilah, And Josiah Are All Little People

Jackson seems like a clever child and soon, he’ll start to understand the ugliness of social media. There, he will find out that when his dad was a young kid, TLC fans adored him. But when he showed the slightest hesitation about tackling big jobs, he was called “lazy.” Unlike Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah, he was the only little person raised as a dwarfish child in the original show.

Will Tori Roloff Leave LPBW Because Of Jackson
Tori Roloff / Instagram

At least the kids of Tori and Zach Roloff probably will have each other to lean on through the hard times ahead. But really, are humans as high-minded as they think they are? Some people say the nastiest things about Zach these days. That’s despite his achievement helping other people with dwarfism. His athletic achievements are impressive. And far as we TLC fans can tell, he never raised a hand to his wife.  Now adorable, Jackson might face the same critics if he stays on television.

People Want Less Change?

The Little Couple could be back tomorrow, but likely, people would feel disappointed, because Will and Zoey are no longer little. Just like the 7 Little Johnstons cast, will more critics turn up in the snark communities as Jackson and his siblings grow up?  Too often, people call the kids “cute,” until they stop being “cute” and become young adults. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments below.

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