Little People Big World: Soccer Season Ended What’s Next For Jackson Roloff?

Jackson Roloff

Little People Big World (LPBW) star Jackson Roloff, (6), loves to play soccer. Actually, he clearly inherited his love for the game from his dad Zach. Zach is more than a player, he also coaches kids in the game. Ever since he was a toddler, TLC fans saw his son trying to play the game. This year was a success for the kid, but now that the spring soccer season ended, is there another sport Jackson can play?

Little People Big World:  Jackson Roloff’s Soccer Season

Jackson seems to be an incredible young boy.  He seems so confident and fearless when he’s on the soccer field.  Actually, given that he plays alongside average-sized boys, that takes a lot of courage. It’s also great to see how well he gets along with his teammates. Team spirit is crucial to success in any sport, and it’s clear that Jackson has that in spades. Despite his differences, he always seems up for a challenge, which is why TLC fans love him so much.

Jackson Roloff is a big fan of soccer, and it’s become a significant part of his life. This spring, fans of Little People Big World were able to see numerous photos of the TLC star playing soccer and scoring goals. The highlight of the season was the final game, where his teammates showed their appreciation for his contributions. But now that the soccer season is over, what other sports might Jackson try his hand at?

What Other Sport Might Little People Big World Star Jackson Roloff Play?

This week, Tori Roloff took to her Instagram Stories and hinted that her son might take up another sport. In her story, she showed some footage of him hitting a ball with a baseball bat. Lining up the bat, he took a swing at the ball and then he then stood looking like a real pro already. Mind you, that doesn’t mean he will play it as a sport. Perhaps when he gets better at it, he might.

Jackson Roloff

Did you know that the Little People Big World kid has a namesake who did quite well at the sport? There’s a Jackson Roloff who played in 2019 for Buckingham, Browne & Nichols after transferring from Dexter Southfield. Anyway, that is just an interesting aside. The difference is, his namesake isn’t a little person. There once was a little person who made it to Major League Baseball. But, that happened at a time when there was massive discrimination against people with dwarfism, and his career didn’t last very long.

Eddie Gaedel Played Baseball

Little People Big World star Jackson Roloff is fortunate that he lives in the 2020s. Eddie Gaesel was signed on by Bill Veeck in 1951 to play for the St. Louis Browns. Today I Found Out reported that his career came to an end soon after he played against the Detroit Tigers. Voiding his contract on the grounds that little people couldn’t play the game, “American League President Will Harridge…officially banned midgets (the term of the day,)  from being able to play in the American League.” 

What are your thoughts about Jackson growing up in a more tolerant world, where he probably can play baseball if he chooses? Sound off in the comments below.

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