Why Are Unexpected Fans Mad At Tyra Boisseau?

Tyra Boisseau

Unexpected fans were feeling sorry for Tyra Boisseau just a few weeks ago. But right now, a lot of them are mad at her. What happened to all the love and sympathy? For certain, some of that evaporated in a hurry. Read on to find out what irks TLC fans at lot right now

Unexpected Fans Felt Bad Fr Tyra Boisseau

Alex Wilson made Tyra cry recently. What happened? Well, he went off to the woman that he made pregnant when he cheated on his baby mama. He’d become involved with another woman but because of their child Layla, he still stuck around with Tyra. Actually, some folks thought he stuck around for the money. The breakup came while she was still pregnant with her second child, so fans commiserated with her.

Unexpected fans heard that the split became official soon after Tyra’s house burned down. Luckily, they were not home when it happened. Anyway, plenty of fans stepped up to donate cash when her sister Tiarra told them about a GoFundMe. As she expected to deliver her baby in a few weeks, folks didn’t hold back. So how come things changed in such a short time, that people now slam the TLC star?

Unexpected – Tyra Boisseau Has Her Baby – Fans Get Mad At Her

This week, the news came that Tyra finally birthed her new baby. But instead of being happy, a lot of fans don’t feel that way at all. When the admin of @tlc.unexpectedteaa shared the news on Instagram, some frowning faces soon appeared in the comments. The caption said, “Tyra went into labor today and had her baby boy! But she said if you want to see him you have to subscribe to her.”

Why Are Unexpected Fans Mad At Tyra Boisseau
Tyra via @tlc.unexpectedteaa / Instagram

Unexpected fans seem to be very unhappy because the TLC star seems to be using her son for profit. Meanwhile, others think that she shouldn’t bother because photos will soon appear on social media anyway. If she isn’t posting much of her baby, that might be a good thing. But people feel offended that they must pay to see the baby.

Angry Fans Comment

Unexpected fans slammed Tyra Boisseau. One of them said, “Sorry but that’s a little weird to profit off of your baby like that. At that point just don’t show/post him until you’re ready or not at all 🥴.” 

Mind you, some people hated that folks complained. So, when fans slapped at the unhappy ones, a reply arrived: “she’s quite literally selling pictures of her baby. and y’all are defending that? ew.”

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