When Calls the Heart Resumes Season 11 Production Despite Strike

When Calls the Heart Resumes Season 11 Production Despite Strike

When Calls the Heart spoilers, news, and updates tease that season 11 will resume its production despite the threat of a strike, and its executive producer explained how this is possible.

According to the show’s executive producer Brian Bird, the majority of the cast and crew members of the series will resume work on new episodes because most of them are Canadian. He said that Canadian performers and writers don’t have the same situation compared to American performers and writers, who are currently on strike.

The actors and writers who are currently on strike are under SAG-AFTRA. Meanwhile, most cast and crew of When Calls the Heart are under ACTRA, which is the Canadian version of SAG-AFTRA. It was revealed that cast and crew under ACTRA are legally obliged to fulfill their contracts.

Difference between SAG-AFTRA and ACTRA

However, the situation only becomes more complicated if the actor or writer is both in SAG-AFTRA and ACTRA. The permanent residence of these actors/writers/crew would have to be considered to resolve the issue.

It means that some actors and crew could resume filming for the upcoming season as they are not covered by the strike. But there are still some of them who are under SAG-AFTRA, which means that American cast members and writers won’t be able to fulfill their jobs for the series.

But Brian Bird assured that they have a backup plan for this situation and that they were already implemented. Some of the plans include shooting some scenes without the proper order. And then they will just follow up with the scenes with American casts once they can.

When Calls the Heart Resumes Season 11 Production Despite Strike

According to reports, the production was not halted because some cast and crew already had sets of schedules that needed to be followed. And some crew need their jobs more than ever. We think that what the producers of When Calls the Heart did was efficient for the cast and crew that were not really affected by the strike.

How does this affect When Calls the Heart?

However, we do hope that the strike could result in a resolution for the actors, crew, and writers. If you haven’t heard, they are demanding better pay and better working conditions. If some of you are not aware, even though the biggest Hollywood stars get paid a lot for their performances, it doesn’t reflect the same as the crew and the smaller stars for certain projects, even if they work the same hours as the bigger stars. However, they are not demanding the same pay, they just want to have a better one compared to what they currently have.

When Calls the Heart Season 10 is set to premiere on Sunday, July 30. There are still no details on the expected release date for the 11th season. But we know one thing for sure – it is happening!

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