Collin Gosselin Is Not Suffering From Psychological Problems?

Collin Gosselin Is Not Suffering From Psychological Problems?

Collin Gosselin, one of the sextuplets raised by Jon and Kate Gosselin in the TLC show Jon and Kate Plus 8, is divulging his history after being sent by Kate to a psychiatric facility. However, was it necessary for him to be there? Was he doing okay all along? Interestingly, he appears to have overcome any mental health issues and this seems quite impressive.

Collin Gosselin Spent Three Years In A Psychological Institution

At the moment, the TLC family is the talk of social media town as the 19-year-old, his dad, Jon, and his sister Hannah dish about the toxic life of their family. If you don’t know, the Jon and Kate Plus 8, kids were part of a batch of sextuplets. They also have two sisters, twins, Mady and Cara. But none of the other siblings talk with Hannah and her brother, or their dad. The two adult kids live with their dad these days. As they open up about abuse, former fans flock to troll Kate their mom, on her Instagram.

Collin Gosselin opened up on Vice TV’s docuseries, The Dark Side of the 2000s. He revealed that his mom separated him from the rest of his siblings at a young age. Then, he alleged, when he spoke about it at school, his mom sent him to an institution. Back in the day, Kate described him as being a child with “special needs.” For a long time, his dad didn’t know where he was. At last, his son smuggled out a note, and Jon spent lots of money getting his son free. That involved psychological experts and doctors. Was he okay and didn’t need to be there?

Collin Gosselin Applied To Join The Marines

Recently, Jon’s son shared a post about how he applied to join the Marines, and he will go to boot camp. Thereafter, he will study at college. He took his post down, but his dad kept it up. Since then, Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball was apparently in touch with the wife of an instructor, and they confirmed that he is there. Wondering if people with mental health issues can actually get accepted for boot camp, Katie went off and checked it out.

Collin Gosselin Is Not Suffering From Psychological Problems
VICE TV Via Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

Collin Gosselin got into the Marines, which seems amazing. Katie noted, “The US armed forces has strict rules about mental illness due to service men and women using weapons in combat. Recruits must prove they have not needed therapy in at least 18 months for any previous health issues they’ve faced.”

So, she opined, “Collin’s acceptance into the Marine Corps proves that he has no special needs or disabilities.”

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he never needed therapy. One would presume that being locked away and hardly ever seeing his mom or siblings might bend anyone’s mind. It would actually be extremely interesting if VICE TV interviews the doctors who attended to him in the mental hospital.

TLC Fans Comment

Many people feel outraged against Kate since Collin Gosselin started speaking out. One of them commented, “He was just a rambunctious kid with a control freak mother…”

Notably, others disagreed with Katie Joy that it proved anything at all. One follower suggested that mental evaluations might not be required for the US military. They said, “It’s considered an invasion of privacy. Plus most mental disorders wouldn’t inhibit someone being able to serve.”

What are your thoughts? Shout out in the comments below.

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