Was Vanderpump Rules Kiddo Hartford Able to Enjoy The Fourth Of July?

Stassi Schroeder

Stassi Schroeder from Vanderpump Rules (VPR), had to rush her two-year-old daughter, Hartford Clark to the emergency room in the middle of a health emergency. Stassi, who’s currently pregnant with her second child, naturally felt concerned about her daughter’s wellbeing. Thankfully, Hartford’s father, Beau Clark, gave an update on the situation, letting fans know that Hartford was recovering. Was Hartford able to celebrate the Fourth of July after this incident? Let’s find out.

Vanderpump Rules Fans Were Concerned about Hartford

Bravo fans expressed their concern for Stassi Schroeder’s daughter Hartford Clark, who fell severely ill. To add more details, Hartford seemed like she was really struggling to breathe, so her parents, Stassi and Beau Clark, quickly took her to the emergency room. At the time, Beau admitted feeling scared due to the severity of the situation. Even though it turned out that Hartford had both pediatric asthma and a virus, after observation and proper medication, she was released from the hospital. Fortunately, they could monitor her condition at home.

The Vanderpump Rules alums have a lot of friends from the show, including Jax and Brittany who also have cute kiddo, Cruz. So, when the news about Harford arrived, some of their Bravo colleagues sent in their love. Stassi updated as well, and things seemed a lot better, but Hartford was not quite well enough as they’d have liked. So, they gave her some ice cream to comfort her. Actually, an update from Beau thanked folks for telling him not to give dairy when mucus is present.

The Fourth Of July: Was Vanderpump Rules Kiddo Hartford Well?

Both Beau Clark and Stassi Schroeder posted about their Fourth of July celebration. According to Stassi, they couldn’t go anywhere special because her daughter wasn’t really up to it. However, they did try and make the day special. Fortunately, the little kid seemed well enough to try and enjoy herself, so there was a big improvement in a full day. Probably, it’s a day that they will remember next year, as it was a stressful entry into the holiday weekend.

Was Vanderpump Rules Kiddo Hartford Able to Enjoy The Fourth Of July
Beau Clark / Instagram Stories

The Vanderpump Rules dad said that after he gave her some medication, his daughter seems to have gotten better by about “80%.” So, he got out the bubbles and gave her a little bit of pool party. Judging by her delighted face, she managed to enjoy herself a lot. In that message, he also thanked his fans for warnings about chests with mucus and eating “dairy.” So, we’re guessing there was no ice cream to see on the Fourth of July.

Asthma Can Be Very Serious

Vanderpump Rules fans now know from Beau what to look for if their own child gets asthma on top of a virus. When he first posted up about Hartford, he showed her laying on her back and breathing very rapidly, as if she couldn’t get enough air. It’s best to get a child with those symptoms to the ER as quickly as possible.

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