Little People Big World: Tori Roloff Gives Update About Son’s Condition

Little People Big World: Tori Roloff Gives Update About Son’s Condition

Little People Big World spoilers, news, and updates share an update from Tori Roloff regarding the condition of her son, Jackson. Fans expressed concerns about his prominent bowing legs despite going through surgery with a painful recovery.

Jackson’s Legs Remained Prominently Bowed

Followers of the Roloff family know that Jackson, 6, went through tibial osteotomy in 2021 to realign his bones and enhance his stability. However, fans expressed their concerns after Tori Roloff shared recent videos of her sons taking a walk and of Jackson approaching his little brother’s crib.

In the videos, Jackson can walk just fine, but fans could not help but comment that his legs look more bowed than before. They hope that it is not painful for the little guy.

“Poor kid is literally walking on the sides of his feet. It actually looks worse now than before he had his surgery. Just looks really painful,” one commenter noted.

Some commented that the surgery might not have been successful after all because there seems no visible improvement.

Zach Roloff answered the comments and questions from curious fans. He said that the difference is not that visible because Jackson grew very slowly, perhaps just an inch in a year. Still, the screws on Jackson’s legs help straighten his bones as he grows.

The results would be more visible for children with average height.

Little People Big World: Tori Roloff Gives Update About Son’s Condition

Jackson Will Still Have Other Smaller Surgeries

Some fans commented that the surgery is not a one-off solution and it’s done. Jackson still has smaller surgeries throughout his childhood that will help straighten his legs. “He is still growing,” one commenter reminded.

This is the route Tori and Zach take for their son, with the guidance of their doctors. Instead of one huge surgery when he is older and closer to full grown, getting smaller surgeries while he is younger is what they chose to improve the quality of his life.

It is nearly two years since Jackson’s latest surgery. His parents did warn before that fans might not be able to see much progress immediately on Jackson’s legs. They also shared that another more invasive surgery might be needed if the plates installed on their son’s legs do not work.

Meanwhile, LPBW fans are awaiting the official confirmation of whether the show will return for its 25th season. Matt Roloff has been sharing updates about the farm on his Instagram, while Amy Roloff has mentioned in one of her IG Live that she has been filming for Little People Big World Season 25.

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