1000-LB Sisters: Glenn Halterman Celebrates A Birthday – Things To Know

1000-LB Sisters

1000-LB Sisters star Amy Halterman revealed that her youngest son, Glenn just celebrated a  birthday. Did you know that when the TLC star discovered the gender of her second child, she was terribly depressed about it? In fact, the gender reveal showed her disappointment because she wanted a girl. Well, time has passed and the little kid is now toddling around and he stole his mother’s heart.

1000-LB Sisters: When Was Glenn Halterman Born?

Glenn arrived on July 5, 2022, via C-section and he was a healthy baby, weighing in at just over five pounds.  Possibly, her motherly love kicked in because when she shared the announcement, she called her two kids her “miracle boys.” Ever since then, fans have seen a steady stream of photos that showed her child growing up. It seems like it all happened in the blink of an eye.  Remember Season 1 on TLC? All she wanted was a baby and now she has two of them.

These days, the 1000-LB Sisters star has two very active boys. Glenn and his brother Gage play together other nicely and now that he’s more mobile, the youngest is into everything. He likes to dance and sing, and he has a fascination for cartoons on TV. Each month, his mom shared an update and some trolls made horrid remarks about what a bad mom Amy is. However, as far as anyone knows, neither of her children ended up in the ER and they both look very healthy.

1000-LB Sisters – Glenn Halterman No Longer Has His Dad At Home

Michale Halterman is a mill operator, and he does put money on the table. But, he and Amy clashed. Allegedly, he got violent in front of the kids because she wanted to leave him. Mind you, Amy later dropped the charges in court. Nevertheless, the divorce is proceeding and there’s a protection order in place. Fortunately, Glenn still sees his dad, but he lives with his mom most of the time.

1000-LB Sisters Glenn Halterman Celebrates A Birthday Things To Know
Amy Halterman / Instagram

Some 1000-LB Sisters fans hope that for the sake of the kids, Michael and Amy can reconcile. If you don’t know, in early June, the couple decided to drop the court case and continue their separation privately, using their own legal teams. Meanwhile, others hope that they settle their dispute quickly because the kids might be traumatized by ongoing hostility.

A Little Party

The 1000-LB Sisters star didn’t make a huge party for Glenn’s birthday. Mind you, he is only one, so he enjoyed some milk. Actually, it’s a sad time for the family because Glenn’s aunt Tammy recently lost her husband Caleb Winningham. He was still in rehab and the couple were also filing for divorce. At this time, there are some very sad photos and videos appearing on Tammy’s TikTok. Perhaps celebrating the birthday for Glenn helped to take their minds off the past for a bit.

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