1000-LB Sisters: Amy Halterman Shares Extra-Cute Video Of Gage & Glenn

Amy Halterman

1000-LB Sisters star Amy Halterman welcomed baby Glenn 11 months ago. Meanwhile, fans saw Gage arrive in Season 2 of the TLC show. Unfortunately, she and Michael split but the kids look happy in a super-cute video that was shared on social media this week. The boy are really getting big now, and little Glenn was trying to dance.

1000-LB Sisters: Amy Halterman Shares Both Her Sons

Spoilers for Season 1 revealed that Amy Halterman had always dreamed of becoming a mother. Her desire was so strong that it helped her achieve the target weight for gastric surgery. Gage eventually arrived, and she couldn’t have been happier. But when Glen was born, Amy felt disappointed because she actually wanted a girl. While she primarily shared photos and videos of Gage at first, she now seems to feel just as much affection for her youngest child.

Just a month ago, the 1000-Lb Sisters’ star shared a photo of Glenn sitting up on the couch. He seemed quite sturdy, able to sit up unaided. Now a month later, he’s not only pulling himself up but also attempting to dance to music. Soon, he’ll be celebrating his first birthday, which is hard to believe, as it seems like he only recently came into the world. Despite the criticism the family has faced, both kids seem to be in good health and are meeting their milestones on time.

1000-LB Sisters Star Amy Halterman Shares A Fun Moment

This week, Amy took to her Instagram account and shared a TikTok video of the inside of her home. It looked like a fun time for the kids. In her caption, the TLC star said, “Gage singing.” Well, he and his younger brother were fascinated by an educational cartoon on the TV. As different characters popped up, Gage laughed and sang, looking quite proud of himself.

1000-LB Sisters Amy Halterman Shares Extra-Cute Video Of Gage & Glenn
Amy Halterman / Instagram

While his brother Gage sang, Glenn tried his best to reach up and catch ahold of the characters in the cartoon from Gracie’s Corner on YouTube. Many Sister Wives fans thought it was an adorable moment. It was actually a fun video to watch, although Amy did receive criticism from helicopter parents who pointed out that Glenn’s feet appeared slightly dirty. Loyal fans, however, reasoned that the barefoot children had likely just been running around outside, which could explain the dirtiness of their feet.

TLC Fans Who Love The Cute Video Commented

Loyal 1000-LB Sisters fans had their say as well. One of them wrote, “Aaammmyyyy!!! Omgggg they [are] so cute!!!!!!”

Meanwhile, someone else called them “Cute little rascals!! ❤️”

Do you agree that boys look extra adorable as Glenn tried to catch the cartoon as his brother sang along? Let us know in the comments below.

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