Mama June Star Pumpkin Efird’s Son Bentley WON’T Do This!!

Pumpkin Efird

Mama June: Road To Redempti0n star Lauryn a.k.a Pumpkin Efird is still in her 20s but she raises four kids, including Bentley. Bentley Jameson arrived about two years ago. Shortly thereafter, the twins followed. And, big sister Ella Grace had to make some serious adjustments. But of all the kids, Bentley seems to be the most stubborn and there’s one thing he refuses to do. What is it? Read on to find out.

Mama June – Pumpkin Has Some Very Cute Kids

At a very young age, Pumpkin and her husband began their family and are currently raising four charming children. Ella Grace, with her adorable grin, Bentley with his fiery locks, and the irresistibly charming twins, Stella and Sylus, seem to captivate all who encounter them. Josh Efird probably never planned to raise a whole heap of kids all at once. But, photos show that he seems to love being with them. Not to mention that he patiently acts in a fatherly role to his sister-in-law, Alana, a.k.a Honey Boo Boo.

Mama June fans love to see photos of the twins because they seem interesting and irresistible. But it was Bentley who surprised them with his bright red hair. Where did it come from? Anyway, he seems to be a very cute kid and his sister dotes on him. But he drives his mom to distraction sometimes. Why is that? What sets him apart from all the other kids? Well, apart from his red hair, he simply refuses to do something.

Mama June Star Pumpkin Can’t Make Bentley Wear Shoes

Recently, WEtv has been sharing some scenes of the cast on their Instagram. Sometimes, they bring throwback scenes. Other times, it’s teasers and spoilers for the show. This week, they shared about Bentley’s aversion to wearing footwear. Clearly, this kid isn’t going to be promoting trainers any time soon. Actually, he even cried when his mom put on shoes and socks.

Mama June Star Pumpkin Efird's Son Bentley WON'T Do This
Mama June Wetv / Instagram

The Mama June star explained that no matter what she does, her son will take them off straight away. Even his dad seemed surprised to see him walking barefoot on the concrete. Next, some clips arrived showing him toddling all over the place without shoes. So, Pumpkuin explained that she even took him to see a doctor. However, the medical professional told her that it was better for him than wearing shoes.

WEtv Fans react In The Comments

Mama June fans took to the comments section. One of them said, “That was me as a kid and I still prefer not having shoes on as an adult.”

Another follower agreed, saying, “When I watched this and they said Bentley doesn’t like wearing shoes I literally said Me too Bentley me too!”

What are your thoughts? Do you think that kids should be made to wear shoes? Did you know that not wearing them is apparently just fine? Let us know in the comments below.

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