Mama June Star Pumpkin Reveals Josh Efird With The Twins At 8 Months

Pumpkin Efrid

Mama June fans think that the odds that Pumpkin and Josh Efird had twins was a brilliant twist on “Road to Redemption.” Not that they planned to have them for the show, but it seemed like great news. When the babies arrived eight months ago, Sylus and Stella boosted their kids to four. They already raised Ella Grace and her younger brother, Bentley. So, Ella went from being an only child to a big sister of three in a very short time. Now that the twins turned eight months old, Pumpkin shared a photo of them with their dad and gave him a shoutout.

Mama June Fans Admire Josh & Pumpkin Efird

Pumpkin started her family when she was still very young and already she and her husband raise four adorable kids. It seems that nobody can resist Ella Grace with her cute smile, Bentley with his red hair, and the irresistible notion of twins. Often, WEtv fans see photos of the entire family out and about. Sometimes, Honey Boo Boo, who is in the custody of her sister, also hangs with the kids. Folks admire Josh and Pumpkin because they seem to be really good parents.

Mama June fans saw Ella Grace misbehave a bit on the “Road to Redemption” show, but at the time, she was in her terrible twos. Mostly, she’s a sweet sister to her siblings. In fact, as Bentley grows up, she seems particularly sweet to him. With the twins, she has two more siblings to play with. If you don’t know, Stella is a little girl and Sylus is a little boy. Actually, it’s taking time for Josh and Pumpkin to wrap their heads around having twins.

Mama June Star Pumpkin Shouts Out Josh Efird

On January 13, Pumpkin took to her Instagram and uploaded two photos. One of them showed the twins as tiny newborns. Meanwhile, the other one showed Josh holding the two kids while he beamed at the camera. That’s a very proud dad right there, fans agree. WEtv fans are not sure how much June Shannon sees of her grandchildren these days, but hopefully, she gets to see them sometimes. Fans agreed that the twins look way too adorable and it would be sad if she hasn’t reconciled with her kids yet.

Mama June Star Pumpkin Reveals Josh With The Twins At 8 Months
Pumpkin / Instagram

Mama June fans like and admire Josh and his wife because they seem to be devoted parents. But, they fervently hope that Honey Boo Boo waits a bit before she starts having babies. After all, she’s off to college soon. So, they’d like to see her break the cycle of birthing babies at a young age. As she is serious about Dralin Carswell, people hope that they take care to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

WEtv Fans Comment On The Twins At Eight Months Old

Mama June fans set aside concerns about Honey Boo Boo and focused on the twins with their dad. In her caption, Pumpkin said, “Woah! 8 months sure make a difference. Still so crazy to think we have twins. You are the best dada.”

Soon replies came in and one fan said, “Josh is such a good man! I appreciate watching him and what he does for yall family.”

Another follower wrote, “He turned out to be a great guy pumpkin!”

What are your thoughts about the twins being eight months old already? Do you agree that Josh seems like a great dad and husband?  Let us know in the comments below.

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