Little People Big World Star Tori Roloff Dumps Old Pix Of Murphy & Baby J

Tori Roloff

Little People Big World (LPBW) fans often slammed Tori Roloff when Jackson was little because he used to crawl all over his pup, Murphy. If you don’t know, Murphy was a sort of replacement for Tori, who lost her dog Sully to cancer at just three years old. The lovely Burmese Mountain dog left a hole in her heart, and Jackson was still a baby when Murphy arrived.

Little People Big World: TLC Fans Thought That Murphy Had Died

For a while, TLC fans felt terribly sad because they thought that Baby J’s best friend had passed away. That came after his mom posted up some photos of the kids enjoying the snow. Apparently,  fans were alarmed because she said that Murphy was “in heaven.” Soon, she had to edit the post because TLC fans assumed that her dog had passed away. In fact, she just meant that her pup was “in heaven” because he had such a blast playing in the snow.

Little People Big World fans didn’t always like that Tori got a dog for Baby J. Actually, they slammed her for letting him pull on his ears, and crawl all over him. Similar complaints came with Lilah. And no doubt, they will also come with Josiah. But she fully believes that her lovely-natured dog will never snap at the kids. Anyway, this week it was Murphy’s birthday, and she shared some charming throwback scenes of her pup with Baby J.

Little People Big World: Throwback Of Murphy & Baby J

Taking to her Instagram Stories on May 9, Tori first shared a phto of Baby J lying on his dog’s back while Josiah looked on. In that caption, the TLC star said “Happy birthday to the best (most of the time) pup around!!!” Next, she revealed another throwback pic of the pup when he was much younger, and so was Jackson. In that caption, she said, “Stroll down memory lane.” In another photo, she wrote, “I can’t believe he was ever this small.” That picture revealed Murphy in the box cart with her son.

Little People Big World Star Tori Rolof Dumps Old Pix Of Murphy and Baby J
Tori Roloff / Instagram Stories

Little People Big World fans saw more photos as she kept them coming. One of them showed her puppy when he was very little. In that one, he watched soccer on TV while Zach cheered on his favorite team. Next, she shared one of her pooch sitting on the couch looking very cute.

Tori Roloff Pup LPBW

The final picture took fans back to when Jackson was probably not much older than Josiah is today. In that one, he lay with his head on his doggie. A soccer ball revealed they had played a lot and both of them were tuckered out. Tori said, “Love you Murphy, Happy Birthday.”

Are Burmese Mountain Dogs Good With Kids?

Little People Big World fans who worry about the kids with a such large dog can probably relax. According to My Dog Breeds, they have an intimidating size, but are generally “great with kids.” Actually, they need a lot of space which Zach and Tori provide, and they are exceptionally intelligent. The drawback is that their health problems can include “blood disorders [and] cancer.”

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