OutDaughtered Quints Get A Wonderful Surprise From Adam Busby

OutDaughtered Quints Get A Wonderful Surprise From Adam Busby

OutDaughtered fans know that the quints love nothing better than a party and Adam Busby shared that when they went out dancing, they got a wonderful surprise thrown in. In the past, TLC fans saw the kids partying hard at Greason Bee and when Uncle Dale Mills threw them a surprise party on the show. But this one was bigger and better. Ahead of their dancing date, Adam warned fans that a surprise was in store for the kids.

OutDaughtered Quints Get A Surprise Like Blayke

Blayke and her little sisters love a dance party. Actually, they all had a brilliant time at their school Christmas party. Often, they dance and stomp themselves to exhaustion. Actually, Blayke seems particularly good at dancing, and her little sister, Parker learns ballet during a certain season of the year. Anyway, this weekend was very special because their dad, Adam Busby partied with them.

OutDaughtered fans also saw that the quints and Blayke learned cheerleading which teaches rhythm and balance. So, it was nice to see them all on the junior cheer team for the Houston Texans. That came in November last year. But this time, it was even more special that that. These sure are some lucky little girls because Adam told the kids there was a surprise in the making. Just like Blayke, they seemed thrilled when they discovered what it was.

OutDaughtered Dad Adam Busby Reveals The Surprise For The Quints

Both Adam and his wife, Danielle shared about a dancing date. However, it was Adam who posted up about a surprise. Of course, the girls wanted to know what it was. But, he made them wait until later the next day. You might recall, that a few years ago, Adam took Blayke to her first Daddy-Daughter Dance. Well, this time it was the quints who got the experience. What was the surprise? Adam revealed a long pink limo parked outside.

OutDaughtered Quints Get A Wonderful Surprise From Adam Busby
Adam Busby / Instagram Stories

OutDaughtered fans saw that there were drinks cooling on ice, comfortable seats, and refreshments. To say the kids were thrilled hardly seems to be adequate. In his reel on Instagram Stories, fans saw that all of them clinked their glasses in a toast to each other. It looked like the dance was country-style, because when Danielle shared about it, she mentioned boots and dresses, and Adam looked dressed for a foot-stomping time.

TLC Fans Comment

OutDaughtered fans couldn’t comment on the Story but we’re willing to bet it makes it to his YouTube channel eventually. However, they could comment on the post where he said that he was arranging a surprise. One follower commented, “Oh my gosh literally remember watching you take Blayke when they were all babies now it’s their turn oh my gosh. I swear they are the cutest little girls.”

Another follower wrote, “Let‘s dance. 😂 Have fun guys ❤️😍.”

Meanwhile, another fan said, “Looking good there Mr. Busby you should wear cowboy gear more often😍🔥🔥🔥”

What are your thoughts about the quints growing up and going to their first daddy-daughter dance in a limo just like Blayke? Let us know in the comments below.

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