Sister Wives Fans Debate Mykelti Padron’s Twins Family Genes

Mykelti Padron

Fans of the popular TLC show, Sister Wives are always quick to comment on Antonio (Tony) Padron’s social media posts. A recent post from Tony had fans debating whether the Brown family genes are holding strong through the generations. Or, whether the Padron family genes had won this one with the twins, Ace and Archer. So, which side of the family do the kids take their likenesses from?

Sister Wives: Who Do Mykelti Padron’s Twins Resemble?

Everyone is chattering about the popular TLC reality show starring Kody Brown and his polygamous family. If you don’t know, Mykelti is the daughter of Kody and Christine Brown. Mykelti, her husband Tony Padron, and their daughter Avalon (2), recently welcomed the twins, Archer and Ace. The babies arrived safely on November 17, 2022. Understandably, Mykelti reported that Avalon initially struggled to accept the twins but is now extremely affectionate toward her baby brothers.

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has now left the infamous Kody Brown and has moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. Fortunately, this means she now lives only 20 minutes away from her daughter, Mykelti. Ahead of the arrival of the kids, she noted that the Padron family will need all the extra help they can get whilst raising twin boys. Of course, she lends a hand whenever she can. In fact, the doting grandma quickly posted photos of the boys soon after they arrived.

Sister Wives: Are The Brown Family Genes Fading?

Tony recently took to Instagram to ask the public’s opinion as to who the twins take after. There. he posed the question, “Archer sure got the Brown Family Gene! Right???” The post was met with over 2k likes and 130 comments. And, many of his followers conceded that the twins look most similar to Tony himself. Later, Tony went further and shared a picture of his father. Naturally, this provided an opportunity for further family gene comparisons. He stated, “You know, some comments had a good point from my last post. So here is the other Grandpa! (My Dad).”

Sister Wives Fans Debate Mykelti Padron Twins Family Genes
Tony Padron / Instagram

This post was even more popular than the first, reaching over 4k likes and racking up 267 comments from well-wishers. Mykelti chipped in by saying, “Archer has that “Brown scowl.” But, a fan disagreed, saying,  Not an [ounce] of brown in them lol they are all you Tony 😍😍.” Another Sister Wives follower opined, “Ace has mykelti’s hair but they are a copy of you for sure.”

More TLC Fans comment on Tony’s Instagram post

Interestingly, some Sister Wives fans went on to mock Tony in his original post for merely including an image of Kody Brown. One fan complained, “You sure ruined a nice picture by putting Koodies pic in it. Other than his mug in it, beautiful pics, beautiful babies.”
Meanwhile, another fan commented that maybe the nose resembled Kody but overall, the twins look more similar to Tony. Which genes do you think the twins inherited? Let us know in the comments below.
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