Sister Wives: Tony Padron Is Thrilled By A Milestone For The Twins

Tony Padron

Sister Wives fans didn’t initially take to Tony Padron all that well. In fact, he and Mykelti took some heat because fans believed she only wanted a wedding because Maddie Brown Brush had one. Anyway, over time, folks softened their attitude, especially after the arrival of baby Avalon. Now, he’s a proud dad of twins as well, and he’s loving their milestones.

Sister Wives: Three adorable Kids For Mykelti & Tony Padron

Mykelti and Tony can’t seem to believe that they have three adorable kids. Avalon arrived in April of 2021, and her twin brothers, Archer and Ace, came along in November of 2022.  TLC fans heard that when she first met her little brothers, Avalon seemed to be down about their arrival. Perhaps she felt a bit left out. After all, until November, she’d been the center of attention in the family. Fortunately, it was a short-lived reaction and she adores her baby siblings nowadays. Actually, she shows all the signs of being a wonderful big sister.

Sister Wives star Mykelti often updates her followers on Instagram about her boys. By the end of November, the twins were still not sleeping through the night. However, that could take a bit more time with infants. Nevertheless, they were at least sleeping for about four-hour stretches at a time.  So, when the babies slept, so did their mama. Being rested is very important for moms. Plus, as Tony seems besotted by the kids, we can assume that he also helps out when he can. And, TLC fans have no doubt that Mykelti’s mom, Christine Brown will help out at every opportunity.

Sister Wives Star Tony Padron Shares A Photo Of The Twins

On Sunday, January 8, Tony took to his Instagram Stories and shared a photo of the family playing games at home. However, they didn’t seem to stay in all day, as he also shared a photo of himself with the twins. He’d taken them to look at the fish in a big tank. In his photo, the twins looked really tiny in their double stroller. Tony flashed a huge grin and gave a victory sign. In his caption, he said, “My boys saw there first fish today (sic).”

Sister Wives Tony Padron Is Thrilled By A Milestone For The Twins
Tony Padron / Instagram Stories

The Sister Wives star might consider getting a smaller fish tank for his own home. Little children often love to watch the bubbles and the colored fish swimming around in their tropical paradise. According to Aquatics Kingdom, a small fish tank in a room where a child can see it can be beneficial. Of course, it’s important that it is placed in a safe position. However, for kids as young as the twins, it might be a bit too early to go to any expense right now. Most of the time, they will probably just sleep anyway.

How Do Kids Get Affected By Fish Tanks?

If the Sister Wives stars ever decide to get an aquarium for the kids, apart from placing it out for reach, and watching for mold growth, there are many benefits. The website mention how the bubbles are soothing. Actually, they can de-stress kids and help to calm them down. Curious kids will learn about the creatures in the sea and rivers, and the tank makes for a pleasant night light.

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