Little People, Big World Spoilers: Caryn Chandler Has Moved To Arizona For Good

Caryn Chandler

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that Caryn Chandler has had it with all of the family drama, and now it looks like it has been too much for her. It looks as if she is out of Oregon and had moved to Arizona for good. She has quit the show because of the family feud that has been going on since her boyfriend, Matt Roloff decided to sell the Roloff farm.

Little People Big World Spoilers – Caryn Chandler And Matt Roloff’s History

When Matt began dating Caryn, it was back in 2017 and she was the farm manager at the time. Fans of the show quickly started rumors that they were having an affair when he was still married to Amy Roloff. Of course, they have continued to deny these rumors and she left her job at the farm in order to date him. They ended up buying a home in Arizona together and they travel down there in order to escape the cold of Oregon.

Now it looks as if a source that is very close to Caryn has told fans of the show that Caryn does have plans to move to Arizona for good and more than likely by January. The source told fans, “She’s been wanting to relocate there for so long, and she and Matt often stay at their vacation home on the weekends, but this would be permanent. She is moving first without Matt to get settled, she’s going to her house out in Oregon. They want to start planning for the future.”

Caryn Chandler

Little People Big World Updates – Caryn Chandler Is Ready For A Change

The source that knows Caryn went on to say, “Caryn still doesn’t know if Matt is done with the show, but she definitely is and she wants to get away from all the drama going on with the family. She’s letting him make his own decision about it, but she’d rather not be involved anymore.” Caryn has been accused of throwing herself into his problems with his family when she has no right to do so. Matt’s children have all shared their thoughts about how she needs to stay out of the family business and the sale of the farm really showed that.

Did Caryn push Matt to sell the farm and not take the offers that were given to him by his sons? Why would she want to have a say in all of this when it’s not even her farm? Many fans of the show can see why she would want to move and quit the show. This family feud has caused a lot of tension and now it seems as if she has washed her hands of it, but is it too late for that?

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