Little People, Big World Spoilers: Fans Disgusted by Eating Habits of the Family

Zach and Tori Roloff

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that after fans have seen what some of the Roloffs eat, they are pretty grossed out by what they have seen.

Little People Big World Spoilers – Why Fans Are Disgusted

The Roloffs have gotten hate from followers since day one. This happens when you are on a reality show and many of them will just shake it off. Their parenting skills have been under fire and there has been a lot of backlash on the safety of their children. Recently, Tori and Zach Roloff received a lot of hate for the cleanliness of their new home in Washington.

Reddit users were quick to start in on them and one shared their thoughts on the Roloff’s dining habits. One wrote, “I gotta say that I’m sick of watching Zach chew his food with his mouth wide open.” Another agreed with them and said that he has been eating this sloppily for years and when he does use utensils, he shovels food into his mouth.

Zach Roloff

Little People Big World Updates – Roloff Table Manners

Fans of the show have been irked with the Roloff’s table manners for years. They have pointed out that Amy Roloff actually has worst eating habits than any of them. Her fans have pointed out that she talks while she is chewing and they can see her food going everywhere. They mentioned that Amy will have a full conversation while she is eating and they think it is incredibly disgusting.

When fans watched previous seasons, they also noticed that Amy never corrected Zach or Jeremy Roloff when they were eating at the table and showed off some very negative behaviors. These fans feel that if Amy and Matt Roloff would have said something to them when they were younger, they wouldn’t eat the way that they do now. It looks as if they always turned a blind eye to the way their sons acted and they still do.

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