Little People, Big World: Did Amy Roloff Hint The End Of The Show

Amy Roloff

Little People, Big World spoilers and updates tease that fans think Amy Roloff dropped hints that the show is ending. Is the TLC reality series getting canceled?

Some of the fans of Little People, Big World think that Amy Roloff teased the end of the show during her cooking series, Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen.

Little People Big World Spoilers – Why Do Fans Think Little People, Big World Is Ending?

In a recent Instagram post, Amy shared several photos of her and her friend preparing a meal in their kitchen. They were also seen wearing an apron that read, “Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen.”

“I’ll definitely be celebrating because food is truly one of my favorite things,” she wrote in the caption.

“Not only do I love to cook and come up with recipes to share with all of you, but gathering together with friends and family over a meal and connecting while we eat something delicious has provided me with some of my most special memories” the caption continued.

The snaps also featured Amy cooking and there was one where she’s enjoying a meal with her husband, Chris Marek.

One fan reposted these photos on an online Little People, Big World discussion board. That person asked if anybody else thinks that it was the last season of the show.

The fan also pointed out that Amy looks better, the production quality has improved, and she’s always promoting her videos. The user has started to assume that perhaps the show is getting canceled.

But one person chimed in that Amy is just preparing for her future, given that she no longer has a part in the Roloff Farms. Plus, she’s enjoying what she’s doing, and perhaps, she’s just preparing herself just in case the show gets canceled.

Amy Roloff

“Yeah I agree with you Amy is preparing for her future when the TV show ends after next year,” another fan commented.

There’s no official announcement that Little People, Big World will be canceled or isn’t returning for season 24. There’s no news that it would be coming back anytime soon, either. So fans will just have to wait for further updates.

Big People Little World Updates – Is Matt Roloff Still Angry With Zack And Jeremy

Is Matt Roloff still mad at the way his sons, Jack and Jeremy, reacted to his decision to sell part of the Roloff Farms? Some say that he may still be upset and advertising that he needs extra help at the farm before the pumpkin season is his way of taking a dig at his children.

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