Missing OutDaughtered? Adam Busby Shares Some Extreme Fun

Adam Busby

OutDaughtered fans seem impatient for Adam Busby and the rest of the family to end their hiatus from filming. Fortunately, his video skills become really good. So, TLC  fans still see the quints and big sister Blayke getting up to all sorts of things. This weekend, he shared the kids with friends and family all having a ball. Actually, it looked like a lot of extreme fun went down. Of course, fans also love it that when Adam films, they get to see the kid having their cam time. This week, Olivia Cam is featured first.

OutDaughtered – Adam Busby Makes Some Great Videos

Earlier this month, Adam made a video that revealed the family went to West Texas for a short vacation. These days, fans don’t see the family on TLC, so they seemed thrilled to find the video. One fan who didn’t even know that he made family videos seemed over the moon to discover it. If you don’t know, Adam and Danielle decided to take a year off filming. However, he still films for his own audience who follow him. Some of them run for nearly as long as the actual episodes on TLC. This time, someone named Shelby helped to capture the fun.

OutDaughtered fans are used to seeing the family head out on vacation. Well, it might be a bit boring just watching the family get up and prepare for school every day. So, thanks to the TLC show, they went on many vacations. Spring break always sees them enjoying themselves somewhere. And then, in the summer, they always try and cram in a lot of things. This year, much like last year, the kids went to summer camps. Plus, they visited their favorite place to wind things up before school. Fans first saw them go there when Danielle and Adam had the renovations done on their home.

OutDaughtered – Extreme Fun At Their Favorite Place

If you haven’t yet guessed where Adam Busby took the family, it was Splashway Waterpark. The kids always say it’s their favorite destination. Additionally, it’s not that far from League City. In the latest edition, Adam explained that the place is “kid-friendly,” “family-friendly” and not way too expensive. Actually, people who visited the place agreed that it’s not a bad value at all. Fans also like seeing the kids go to Splashway because they challenge themselves and overcome their fears.

OutDaughtered Busby Family Had A Blast On Vacation
It’s A Buzz World / YouTube

The OutDaughtered quints had a total blast with their mom and friends. Certainly, they seemed to love the wave pool. In fact, those kids swim like a school of little fish. But the best fun came on the big slides. Recall, it was only a few years ago, that Hazel learned how to swim. The last of the quints to learn, she seems totally comfortable in the water these days.

Fans Took To The Comments

OutDaughtered fans flocked to comment on the extreme fun. And, they complimented Adam a lot. One commenter,
Stephanie Woods said, “Another fun-filled video with the Busby quints! This reminds me of when I was a kid and used to go to waterparks all the time. Great memories!”

Meanwhile, Evey K said what a lot of other folks agree with: One of the best videos of yours. I love when girls are filming, it really shows their unique personalities. And you are amazing parents, you really enjoy having fun with your kids. Wish you the best 🥳♥.”

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