Little People Big World: Isabel Roloff Drops New & Old Quotable Poetry Ahead Of Book

Isabel Roloff

Little People Big World (LPBW) fans know that Jacob Roloff is a writer, and he seems perfectly matched with Isabel Rock Roloff who loves photography. Clearly artistic, after her mom passed away, she promised to write a book about her life. Additionally, she plans a poetry book. For now, people can purchase poems directly from her. Actually, she seems really good at poetry, and who knows, one day she might end up with her work on worldwide greeting cards. This week, she shared some new ones, and she also dropped a few that fans are already familiar with.

Little People Big World – Isabel Rolloff Is A Mom And A Very Talented One

Married in 2019, little Mateo arrived in December last year. Possibly, falling pregnant took a lot of time away from Isabell’s writing. Of course, the coronavirus didn’t help with creative work. After all, creators seem to do best in a tranquil environment. Anyway, despite a few setbacks, Jacob’s wife managed to work on her poetry book. Previously, she seemed more into photography than writing and she did the cover art for Jacob’s book, “Out To See.” If you don’t know, you can order poetry directly from the new mom and get it mailed to you on a card. But, TLC fans want more and they want it in a book. Preferably, a signed one.

Little People Big World fans who love Isabel Roloff know that she’s talented, and they know that she admits she’s not perfect. Often candid, she reveals a vulnerability perfectly suited to the soul of a poet. These days, when people think of poets, perhaps Leonard Cohen comes to mind. Actually, some of his words literally wove a spell. For instance, this short extract from “Take This Waltz,” creates an instant picture: “There’s a bar where the boys have stopped talking – They’ve been sentenced to death by the blues.” Well, Isabel doesn’t write such sad lines, but she seems to capture entire narratives in a few simple lines.

Little People Big World Fans See New Poetry About Motherhood

On July 26. Isabel shared some new poetry with Little People Big World fans. Introducing it, she asked if fans wanted it on an external site or on Instagram. So, when they opted for seeing it in her stories, she posted up a few. In the samples, she revealed some about motherhood. Obviously, plenty of moms can relate to that. One of them about childbirth said, “bringing you to the earth brought me to my knees.” So simple, and yet, there doesn’t seem to be a need to gloss and paint it any further with superfluous words. In itself, it seems complete.

Little People Big World Isabel Roloff Drops New and Old Quotable Poetry Ahead Of Book
Isabel Rock Roloff / Instagram


Probably, every fan of Little People Big World who ever had a newborn baby can relate to the other poem that Jacob’s wife wrote about postpartum. Absolutely, every birther knows how it is when family and friends want to hold the baby, neglecting the fact that mommy sometimes needs some cuddles as well. Well, if she continues with beautiful words that capture complex situations in a second, Matt Roloff’s daughter-in-law can look forward to a career that lends meaning and beauty to her readers.

Poetry by LPBW Isabel
Credit – Isabel Roloff / Instagram Stories

Old Poetry Also Shared

Little People Big World fans saw a few more poems, and some of them seem to have been shared before. One of them talked about loss, death, and memories. Another one compared love to gardening. TLC fans might think that this line was particularly lovely: “clinging to hope in the dead of winter and saying, we can still grow flowers here.”

What do you think about the poetry written by Isabel Roloff? Would you definitely buy a book? Or would you prefer to see her words on cards meant for memorable occasions? Shout out in the comments below.

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