The Little Couple Fans Express Concern For Jen Arnold’s Health

The Little Couple

The Little Couple spoilers and updates from Jen Arnold come along frequently but it’s not always great news. Fans didn’t see the family on TLC for over two years, so they keep an eye on her Instagram. Over the years, a lot changed for Bill, Zoey, and Will Klein. They relocated from Florida, and along the journey, Jen went into the hospital for surgery. Now that she posted another photo, fans expressed their concerns about her health.

The Little Couple Updates Include Hospitals And Surgery

Over the past two years or so, the TLC family kept a low profile because of the coronavirus. Bill started teaching the kids at home. Meanwhile, it seemed that Jen did a lot of work remotely. Bear in mind, little people often experience health issues with their skeletal problems. Additionally, Jen is a cancer survivor. So, it made them take the virus very seriously. As soon as they were able to travel, fans heard updates that Bill went for surgery after he injured his elbow while running away from wasps.

The next person from The Little Couple to need surgery was Jen. Actually, it came amidst the news that the family relocated to Boston. The family seems happy there and Jen revealed photos of the kids, Will and Zoey playing in the snow. However, around about the time they went to Boston, Jen told her TLC fans that she had to stop in at New York for hip surgery. Actually, it’s not the first time she experienced that, but she said her old hip had just given out.

The Little Couple Fans React To Photo Of Jen Not Looking Healthy

Over the past few weeks, Dr. Jen paid a tribute to the medical staff who helped her with her surgery. Apparently, she has already undergone more than “30” surgeries. But she said that “this hip replacement revision surgery wasn’t the easiest I’ve had, with a small pelvic fracture & not being able to bear weight on my leg for 6 weeks.” Now, she posted a photo that showed her lying on the couch, and fans were a bit alarmed as she said that she felt very tired.

The Little Couple Fans Express Concern For Jen Arnold's Health
Jen Arnold / Instagram

The Little Couple star who laid down with her pooch snuggled up close, said on Friday, April 15, “I haven’t been online in awhile – balancing work & hip revision surgery & mommy hood keeping me busy & tired.” She added, “Sharing a recovery photo…. More to come as I’m now walking with only one crutch.”

TLC Fans Comment On The Post

As The Little Couple star didn’t look like she’s bouncing around with happiness right now, fans expressed their concern. Plenty of them sent in their best wishes for a full and fast recovery.

One fan said, “Wow you go through so much, and manage to keep smiling. What an incredible example to us sissies. Heal fast wishes sent.❤️”

Another adoring fan wrote, “You take care of yourself. I pray someone is pampering you. And making you Easter dinner. God bless you. ❤️🌷🌷🌷🙏🙏”

Well, we’re willing to bet that Bill Klein went out of his way to make the Easter break special for his very special wife.

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