The Young And The Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Jack’s Search Results In Replay – Ally Follows Keemo’s Course?

The Young and The Restless: Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman)

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers and updates tease that Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) had to go to Los Angeles, California. Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) dug digitally deep enough to provide apparent proof of Keemo Volien Abbott’s (Philip Moon) death.

Keemo, or as he was calling himself, Hao Nguyen, recently died, leaving behind a confounding set of seemingly unanswerable questions. But then Jack arrived at the location that Phyllis connected to the unsolicited text messages.

Buzz that Kelsey Wang (formerly Daisy Kwan on General Hospital, now Ally on Y&R) has joined the cast implies that she is one of the faces in the photo Jack located. A box was purposely left for him to find in Keemo’s home, which included the noted image. Ally is likely in that photo, but who is she?

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Keemo Abbott Had A Daughter?

It is reasonable to conclude that Ally will be Keemo’s daughter, based on Keemo’s age when viewers last saw him in Genoa City, Wisconsin in the mid-1990s and Wang’s real-life age. That would also make her Jack’s granddaughter.

Viewers have been provided with dialogue between Jack and Phyllis that serves as a refresher for loyal viewers and new information for newer fans. Through it, the audience heard that Jack had a rocky relationship with the son Luan Volien Abbott (Elizabeth Sung) did not initially tell him about it.

Keemo resented his parents because he felt they abandoned him in Vietnam. He learned that Jack was unaware of his existence in the mid-1970s and that Luan gave him up for adoption.

The Young And The Restless: Kelsey Wang

The Young And The Restless Updates – Being Cut Off From Family Again

If Ally proves to be Jack’s granddaughter, then he will have been cut off from another family member. Just as Jack did not know Keemo until he was a young adult, such would be the case with Ally.

However, if Ally sent Jack the text messages, she appears to have fond feelings for him. She may or may not know that he is her grandfather. But viewers do not know if Ally is Keemo’s daughter. If she is, does Ally know who her parents are?

Healing Wounds In Genoa City

Y&R loyalists would likely cite Jack’s reconnection with Luan as the most tender love stories Bergman has played. The arc was outstanding. While the shortness of it left fans wanting more, the arc’s brevity allowed for enduring memories, especially with Luan’s passing.

Soap operas can extend part of a character’s backstory at any time. Much was left to mine in this part of Jack’s life. Hopefully, this new chapter brings some joy and the enduring presence of his and Luan’s family on Y&R.

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