General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Finola Hughes Explains Why Peter August Died Without A Whodunit

General Hospital (GH) spoilers and updates tease that fans had hoped for a whodunit mystery when it came to Peter August’s (ex-Wes Ramsey) death. However, fans got a more intimate moment between Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and Peter. Finola says “It was written so eloquently. It was so chilling and it’s so strange because you’re just watching someone’s lights go out, that you’re sort of responsible for.” Fans may not agree.

General Hospital Spoilers – Finola Hughes Wanted A Different Ending

General Hospital’s Finola always wanted Anna to have something to do with Peter’s demise. Finola admits to asking executive producer, Frank Valentini if she was the one who killed Peter. Finola agreed to be a bit upset that she didn’t get to kill Peter herself. Finola believed she should be able to kill him. Frank convinced Finola to wait and see what the writers came up with before complaining about the outcome. After reading the script, Finola was very happy with the outcome. Frank explained that the writers didn’t want Anna to kill too many people.

General Hospital Updates – Anna Devane Offers To Sit With Peter August

General Hospital’s Anna may not have gotten to deal the final blow to Peter but she agreed to set with him so he didn’t die alone. Anna revealed to Peter that she didn’t call for an ambulance and no one was coming to help him. “It was really sad on that last day. He was such a darling person to work with. I loved working with Wes. He was just a dream to work with.” Hughes said of her costar, Wes Ramsey. Of course, Hughes had worked on “Charmed” years ago and so did Ramsey.

General Hospital: Wes Ramsey

Finola Hughes Was Impressed By Wes Ramsey

General Hospital’s Finola says she was impressed with how Ramsey had handled the ups and down of Peter’s life. Peter went from being a rather nice guy to a very devious man. Peter would do anything to get what he wanted no matter what. Peter caused his brother’s death. Peter got close to his brother’s wife. Peter threatened Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) time and again. Peter was a liar and a cheat and everyone knew it. Finola and Wes wanted to honor the story even touching on what their relationship could have been.

Finola knows that some fans hate Peter and don’t want that hatred to carry over onto Wes. Finola says that Wes is nothing like Peter and should not be saddled with Peter’s crimes. Finola says Wes is a great team player and a great friend as well.

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