OutDaughtered Star Danielle Reveals Exciting Fall Destination

Danielle Busby

OutDaughtered fans know that Adam and Danielle Busby get away on vacation as often as they can. Well, last summer, the family enjoyed vacations, but not over-the-top expensive ones. Actually, that might be related to the fact that they plan an exotic trip this fall. Perhaps they save up some cash for their once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

OutDaughtered Star Danielle Busby Loves To Travel

Some TLC fans slam Danielle and Adam for taking vacations. Actually, last year they visited Mexico, but mostly, they stayed back in the USA. Unusually, an exciting destination didn’t feature on their summer calendar. Instead, they visited Splashway Water Park several times. Of course, they also made their way to Louisiana to visit family and friends in Lake Charles. Mostly, the kids just enjoyed time engaging in their various camps or taking day outings around Houston.

OutDaughtered fans know how much Danielle loves to travel and these days, they seem less constrained by financial concerns. Actually, they probably could afford a lot of fun vacations, but often, the kids choose their own destinations inside the USA. Luckily, the kids grow a bit older, so often, the whole family enjoys their time on trips away from home. This week, Danielle took to her Instagram Stories and told her TLC fans that next fall brings a way more exotic destination than the local zoo.

OutDaughtered Star Danielle Reveals New Destination

Taking to her Instagram Stories on February 23, Danielle talked about how much she loves it that she and Adam enjoy traveling. Additionally, she likes that he loves nothing better than enjoying trips away with kids. In her post, she revealed that they both prefer trying out new places. Whilst they enjoy certain places in Mexico, they definitely feel open to new experiences. Well, there are two places that Danielle and Adam hope to visit. One is Greece and the other is Tahiti.

OutDaughtered Star Danielle Reveals Exciting Fall Destination
Danielle Busby / Instagram Stories


The OutDaughtered mom seems so excited about their trip to Greece. Apparently, they planned it over the last two years. As they visit the country in the fall of 2022, it looks like they plan the trip for about September. Unless they plan a very short trip over Labor Day, the kids might be back in school by then. However, she didn’t say if they plan the trip as a couple or as a family.

Other Destinations On The Bucket List

The OutDaughtered mom also talked about putting Tahiti on the bucket list. Well, Tahiti sounds closer to home, compared to Greece, but it’s still a long flight. Perhaps they wait until the quints are a bit older before they subject them to long-haul air travel.

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