The Young And The Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Victoria Unwisely Dismisses Nikki And Ashland’s Advice – Adam In Lion’s Den

Victoria Newman Locke (Amelia Heinle)

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers and updates tease that Victoria Newman Locke (Amelia Heinle) sealed the deal with her father at the Ranch. Newman-Locke’s Chief Executive Officer thought the living room offered an ideal setting.

Victoria’s Chief Operating Officer and her mother, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott), were seated on the couch. Ashland Locke (Richard Burgi), the other half of Newman-Locke, later advised his wife that it would be best to finalize the deal away from Victor Newman’s (Eric Braeden) home turf.

However, Victoria already gave her word and shook Victor’s hand. She was okay with allowing her brother, Adam Newman (Mark Grossman), into the lion’s den.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Victor Newman Gets What He Wants

Victor decided that he wanted to have more of a hands-on role with his businesses. His project, Newman Media, proved to be a useful guidance area, as he mentored Adam.

But the Moustache also wants to closely monitor his oldest child, Victoria. He is impressed with how she is running his company but does feel she needs his unique guidance.

Having Newman-Locke buy Newman Media allows Victor to watch over his business-minded children, with Victoria and Adam being under one roof.

The Young And The Restless Updates – Not Listening To Sage Advice

Nikki was the first to suggest that Victoria waits before finalizing the purchase of Newman Media. She did that while they were on the couch at the Ranch.

Victoria did not take her mother’s sage advice. Later, she also slightly bristled when Ashland reacted with surprise. He was not allowed to weigh in on a significant business deal, which implies that she does not consider him her equal.

So, Victoria did not listen to her mother and COO or her husband, who merged Locke Communications with Newman Enterprises last year.

The Young And the Restless: Adam Newman (Mark Grossman)

Victoria Newman Locke Suffering From Hubris?

Victoria is arguably the wisest of Victor’s children. She projects the best balance of business savvy and the ability to respond to her father’s control issues.

However, Adam has the deepest killer instinct. Victor wants him to maintain his family loyalty pledge while not abandoning his keen business sense.

Victoria has allowed Adam into Newman-Locke, per the terms of the deal. She believes that he can be controlled. Nikki and Ashland have their doubts, while Adam has something to prove. That is a great soapy recipe on Y&R this winter.

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