OutDaughtered Star Danielle Busby Says The Quints Are Confused

OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby

OutDaughtered fans know the life story of Danielle Busby and Adam when it comes to the quints. Blayke and her little sisters literally grow up on TLC, and the all-girl quints have many fans. Ava and Olivia are the only kids who are actually twins. If fans find that a bit confusing, imagine the kids getting their heads around it.   

OutDaughtered Twins – Danielle Busby Explains School 

While all of the Busby quints attend the same school in Grade 1, not all of them go to the same classroom. That’s probably a godsend for their teachers, actually. There, the twins are split up. Actually, it’s not the first time that they did different things. Back in the summer, the kids took turns visiting with their grandparents in Lake Charles. So, Riley and Ava Busby went off together. 

When the OutDaughtered kids returned to school, Danielle Busby told her fans that Hazel and Olivia share a classroom. At the time, she shared a photo of the two kids and talked about how well they bonded. The two sisters seemed very happy in each other’s company. Clearly impressed with the kids, Danielle return to Instagram on November 11 and talked about them again. 

OutDaughtered Quints Are Confused

Danielle Busby shared another photo of Hazel and Olivia, and once again, they embraced each other. In her caption, she wrote, “It has literally been so cute to see how Olivia & Hazel are becoming besties. They share a 1st-grade class together and it has really made them bond. What’s funny is they love to dress like “twins” 🤪”

OutDaughtered Star Danielle Busby Says The Quints Are Confused

The OutDaughtered mom explained that the two quints are quintuplets, but “The other quints just think Ava & Olivia are the “same”🤪 …quints is just confusing to them hahaha.” Clearly, the kids have no issues with understanding what twins are. However, the fact they are all siblings born at the same time seems beyond them. 

TLC Fans React In the Comments

OutDaughtered fans quickly took the comments section of the post by Danielle Busby. One of them wrote, “I’m a triplet and my sisters and I were the same way. My parents could never understand why we got so excited for twin day at school.😁” Then another fan wrote, “How sweet! 🥰 so interesting how they form unique bonds in little sets on top of everything else (quints/sisters/…).”

For confused fans, one of them noted, “There are only one set of identical twins & one set of fraternal triplets. That’s unique, I think..”

Well, no wonder the quints find it all a bit confusing, as even their fans struggle with it sometimes.

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