Little People, Big World Spoilers: Isabel Roloff Bares Her Stretch Marks

Little People, Big World: Isabel Roloff

Little People, Big World fans heard that Isabel Roloff and her husband Jacob expect their first child. Actually, the official news came not long after rumors of pregnancy started circulating on social media. Well, she got very candid this week and shared a photo of her bare belly with the accompanying stretch marks. However, she sounds determined not to let them get her down. 

Little People, Big World – Isabel Roloff Due Date

Fans still waiting for an exact due date for Isabel’s baby to arrive. What they do know, is that their little boy comes sometime in December. When she went to her baby shower, Jacob’s wife said that her “mother-in-law” arranged it for her. A date on a board didn’t clarify her due date beyond what fans already know. However looking at recent photos, it can’t be that far into the festive season month, Actually, she looks ready to pop. 

Little People, Big World fans seemed very happy for Isabel Roloff. After all, she said that the baby shower gave her “all the feels.” Actually, she seems determined to enjoy this pregnancy to the hilt. Additionally, both Isabel and her husband clearly look forward to parenting their child. So, fans who want to avoid baby fever might need to stay away from their social media. 

Little People, Big World Fans See The Heavy Stretch Marks

It takes courage to share a bare belly photo when you are as advanced as Isabel Roloff. Certainly, not everyone would show the angle that reveals those stretch marks. However, she said, “At the beginning of this journey, I was really hoping not to get stretch marks on my belly.” Then she went on, explaining how she was really “silly” to think that she’d be an exception. She added, “Even after following so many people in this community who normalize stretch marks, they’re still not *fully* accepted or desirable.”

Little People, Big World Spoilers Isabel Roloff Bares Her Stretch Marks

Little People, Big World fans saw that she felt like she’d “be less valuable with them.” So, remaining positive she added, ” I don’t look in the mirror with disgust like I thought I might.” Instead of feeling bad, she noted, “I look at them with pride. I see them as badges of honor. I did this. I grew a human. And I have the scars now to prove I did.” Her final note read, “Growth, these days, just feels all kinds of beautiful.”

TLC Fans Take To The Comments Section

Little People, Big World fans commented on the post by Isabel Roloff. Some of them still lack confidence because them. However, like Jacob’s wife, a lot of them view them with pride as well. One fan wrote “You look beautiful and strong. I loved being pregnant, I felt feminine and powerful. Stretch marks are definitely just another way of showing how we grow to make room for our little loves.”

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