Little People Big World Spoilers: Isabel & Jacob Rolloff Attend Pumpkin Season

 Isabel & Jacob Rolloff

Little People, Big World spoilers and updates tease that fans take a very close interest in Isabel and Jacob Roloff these days as they expect their first baby. Plus, fans who loved seeing Jacob on the show really miss him. So, the lucky ones who manage to attend the annual Roloff Farms Pumpkin Season festival in 2021 can meet the couple. 

Little People, Big World Spoilers – Pumpkin Season With Isabel And Jacob Roloff

Jacob and his wife don’t appear on the LPBW show. However, the news that they expect a baby made TLC fans very happy for them. Before she broke the happy news about her baby some people body-shamed her. Naturally, that kind of ugliness really upset her. However, living with a TV celeb, even an aum brings problems with voyeurism. Actually, that’s one of the main reasons why Jacob left the show. 

Little People, Big World fans heard from Isabel and Jacob Roloff ever since the pregnancy news broke. She often talks about how she dreams about the future with their little one. Plus, she elaborated how much joy the news brought her dad. Well, it also brought joy to her many fans. So, the news that she and Jacob attend the Pumpkin Season event in 2021 gives some lucky fans the opportunity to see them in person. 

Little People, Big World Updates – Pumpkin Season Details

Matt Roloff started promoting the Roloff Farms Pumpkin Season event just ahead of Amy’s wedding. Actually, it’s been an eventful year for the LPBW family. In Season 22, fans saw that Amy and Chris eventually decided on the farm as their wedding venue. Meanwhile, Audrey announced her third child’s coming. Additionally, Zach and Tori contemplated moving onto the farm. And, Matt’s been busy planning for the 2021 Pumpkin Season. 

The Little People, Big World patriarch told his TLC fans that they introduce train rides this year. Additionally, they retain the 2020 self-guided trial that they introduced last year. Meanwhile, the country store is now located in the old barn. It kicks off on October 1 and opens each weekend for the month. Reservations and more details came on the website. Now that Isabel and Jacob Roloff confirmed they attend, possibly more people will reserve their spot quickly.

‘You Should Come’ Says Jacob’s Wife 

The news that Isabel and Jacob Roloff will attend this year’s event came via her Instagram Stories during a Q&A. When asked, she simply said, “We both will, so you should come.

Little People Big World Isabel And Jacob Rolloff Attend Pumpkin Season

Hopefully, fans of TLC see more of the couple in the future. Since they released the information that Jacob allegedly experienced some abuse at hands of a producer, the family seemed more united than they have been for a long time. Since then, Matt told Alec Lace on First Class Fatherhood, how “proud” he is of his youngest son. 

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