Royal Family News: Behind Queen Elizabeth’s Most Dazzling And Iconic Brooches

British royal family news reveals that impeccably mannered Queen Elizabeth does not leave the house without a beautiful broach sitting pretty on her shoulder. Not only are these fascinating pieces of jewelry a joy to behold, but the stories behind them are also equally fascinating. Here is a look at some of her most famous and bedazzling sparklers.

Royal Family News: The Queen Has A Wonderful Broach Collection

According to jewelry historian Marion Fasel, each pretty gem has a unique provenance. For instance, the Grima Ruby Brooch was a gift from her husband, Prince Phillip. And the Prince Albert Brooch was gifted to Queen Victoria on the eve before their wedding.

Queen Elizabeth’s Williamson Diamond Brooch is a gorgeous specimen crafted in a floral shape with a pink diamond center stone and white diamonds as the petals and stem. In fact, there are 203 white diamonds, all set in platinum. The flower is nearly four inches tall and she wore it to her Silver Jubilee, and to the wedding of Charles and Diana.

Then there is Queen Elizabeth’s New Zealand Silver Fern Brooch which was gifted to her on Christmas Day 1953. The Auckland Mayor’s wife, Lady Allum, gave it on behalf of the women of Auckland and the queen wore it to St. Mary’s Cathedral in Auckland that day.

It is a stunner, with brilliant-cut diamonds making up a tree fern, one of the most prized emblems of New Zealand. This beautiful bauble was loaned to Duchess Kate Middleton in 2014 during her trip to New Zealand.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth’s Cartier Palm Leaf Brooch was commissioned by the Queen Mother. The diamond-encrusted piece has historically been worn on somber occasions, including the funeral of the Queen Mother’s husband, King George VI.

This dazzler features marquise-cut and round-cut diamonds from the Queen Mother’s personal collection, designed into a paisley pattern.

Royal Family News: The Queen Enjoys The Best Of The Best Jewelry

Queen Elizabeth’s Flower Basket Brooch is one of her more colorful pieces. It was given to her by her parents in 1948, as a “push present” so to speak. It was given to her in celebration of the birth of her first child, Prince Charles. This particular piece features yellow gold and contains brilliant diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires.

Finally, Queen Elizabeth’s Centenary Rose Brooch is one of her most understated and newest. It was made in 2000 as a 100th birthday gift for the Queen Mother from Queen Elizabeth. A hand-painted rose picture sits in the middle and is surrounded by 100 diamonds.

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