Doubling Down With The Derricos Spoilers: Is Karen Pregnant Again?

Doubling Down with Derricos: Karen Derrick

Doubling Down With The Derricos spoilers and updates tease that Karen Derrico could be pregnant again and Marion “GG” Derrico might not be happy about this at all. Is the family about to add a 15th child or more?

Doubling With The Derricos Spoilers – Karen Derrico Almost Passes Out

Doubling Down With The Derricos’ star Karen went on an excursion with her children to buy Halloween candy on the last episode of the series. While in the candy shop, Karen began to get sick and asked for ice chips to settle her stomach. Dion Derrico believed that Karen is just worrying about her son who could need surgery on his head.

Karen has been researching all of the possible things that could be wrong with the shape of her son’s head and the implications the findings could mean. After all, one of their children just had heart surgery last season and is just getting back on track. Also having one child wearing a helmet to help shape its head is taking a toll. However, something else could be going on that Dion hasn’t thought of.

Doubling With The Derricos: Karen Derrico

On the upcoming episode of Doubling Down With The Derricos, Karen tells Dion Derrico that her period is a week late. Dion is urging Karen to take the test and Grandma GG overhears. Dion’s mother is not happy with this development. GG demands to know how her son expects her to react. “Do you want me to say ‘Oh God, I hope it’s positive?” GG goes on to ask “when is the line drawn for real?” Later GG faces the camera saying, “Not another baby. It’s overwhelming with the ones that are here.” Clearly, GG is not happy especially since the Derricos tend to have multiples. Right now, two of the children have medical issues and GG is their go-to babysitter. However, does GG really have a say in their reproduction decisions?

Doubling Down The Derricos Updates – Can The Family Take More Medical Problems?

With two children who have medical issues already and dealing with a child that just had two heart surgeries, can the family deal with more medical issues? The older Karen gets, the more problems could arise with their children’s health. What if another child is born with a heart problem? What if they lose another child as they did with the “triplins”? Will that be enough to stop having more children? When does the risk outweigh the benefits?

It is certainly Dion and Karen’s choice to have more children. However, perhaps GG has some valid concerns. Of course, we wish the family good luck if they are expecting again and hope that all turns out well.

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