Little People, Big World Spoilers: Jackson Takes Huge Step And Starts Pre-K

Little People, Big World: Jackson Roloff

Little People, Big World spoilers, and updates tease that Jackson Roloff is practically growing up under the watchful eyes of adoring fans, from the first time he walked or talked to the moment he’s cutting his first teeth, and now, he’s almost four years old. He’s no longer the crawling toddler known as ‘Baby J’ anymore, no, no, he’s heading off to pre-K.

Little People, Big World Spoilers – How Did Jackson Roloff Cope With His First Day Of Pre-K

It is a known fact that kids attending their first day at pre-K can lead to a rather tearful experience, and this could either come from the parents or from the kid that’s seeing mom and dad walk away, leaving him/her to deal with a total stranger. But for Jackson, the separation is probably easier since it is not the first class he’s attended without his mom.

Back in September 2018, Tori shared on Instagram that her baby, Jackson, has just started a toddler’s class at church. She said that she was a little nervous watching him walk away. Also adding that Jackson did not seem to reciprocate the feeling and walked right in like he owned the place.

After church when Tori went to pick him up, she found him happily eating some cheerios. The ladies who ran the class told her that he talked the hind leg off a donkey the whole time. So he had a great day and didn’t miss mom too much, but could his first day in Pre-K double up as a repeat performance?

According to Tori, starting school has been Jackson’s idea for a long time and he finally got to go today. She also added, “My mama’s heart is bursting with pride watching him March in like he owned the place.” Continuing to speak on how Jackson took his first day at school, she added, “He gave me a big hug and kiss before I left and said ‘peace mom!’” She tagged the picture #timeisathief.

Little People, Big World Updates – Fans Reacting To The News

Fans from around the world have hopped on the comments section to show their love and happiness at how easily he conquered the first day of school, while others are as astonished as Tori and asked where the time went to.

Even high profile fans like Disney junior and carlinbates98 are sharing their joy about the news. A fan adorably commented, “Shut! Up!! How is this possible?! He is so freaking cute I can barely stand it!! Thank you for sharing these sweet moments with us.” There were simply too many true words that the fans found to congratulate him on his big day, also thanking his mother for sharing the wonderful moments with them.

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