Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Everything You Need To Know About DOOL Alum Jen Lilley

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Everything You Need To Know About DOOL Alum Jen LilleyDays Of Our Lives Spoilers reveal that aside from taking on the role of the newly created character, Theresa Donovan on NBC’s soap Days of Our Lives since 2013, the thirty-six year-old has many television films from Hallmark Channel on her resume. In 2016, Lilly found juggling soap and films was a little hard for her to handle which led her to take a break from Days, but fans were thrilled when she resumed her role as Theresa in summer of 2018, but it was only temporary.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Jen Lilley Before Days Of Our Lives

In an interview, Jennifer says that Highschool Jen was more mature, sweeter, and she felt like she was aging backwards. She was more responsible, but also a pushover. She took loving people and kindness at her own expense. She was a little bit of a doormat, her nickname was “Jennifer Jesus,” and she is still a Christian to this day. In high school she was kind to everyone and felt in the middle of all the clics.

DOOL Spoilers – Jen Lilley Opens Up About Her Struggles

Days of Our Lives Spoilers former cast member Jennifer, admits she was bulimic for fifteen years. She grew up as a Christian, she knew she had worth but at the same time, she couldn’t even imagine being a girl now with social media. The expectations of beauty from magazines and celebrities were very difficult for her and led her to eating disorders. She thought for a long time that keeping thin, would get her the acting job.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Everything You Need To Know About DOOL Alum Jen Lilley

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Breaking Free

With the help of her pastor, Jen was able to share her struggles and the things that she has gone through because so many people go through the same things and it doesn’t have to define you. And, most important, it is never too late.

Her first open call in college landed her the first role she ever had and she fell in love with acting and film from there. She told her boyfriend that she wanted to move to LA and become an actress, he was on board.

She remembers the day that Clint Eastwood picked her out of two thousand girls because he felt she had a 1920’s face. She had to cry with Angelina Jolie, and it is one of the highlights of her career. Fast forward, she used that moment with Clint Eastwood to further her career and land other roles.

Her favorite quote is by Mother Theresa, “do small things with great love,” and she thinks everything is a ripple in life, you never know what small acts of kindness are going to do.

DOOL Spoilers – Will Jen Lilly Resume Her Role On DOOL?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers reveal that as much as Jen enjoyed portraying Theresa who she describes as a “mess of gorgeous chaos,” the former DOOL actor made the decision long ago to devote her time to advocating for children’s rights and on being a foster mother, and she says that is not changing.

Jennifer is happily married to her long-ago boyfriend, Jason Wayne, who she dragged to LA in their college days. They have one daughter and two adopted sons.

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