Bridgerton Spoilers: The Steamy Scenes Were Even Too Much For Regé-Jean Page To Handle

Bridgerton: Rege-Jean Page (Simon Bassett)

Bridgerton spoilers and updates tease that even though the show has helped make Regé-Jean Page (Simon Bassett) the new household name that he is, even he has a hard time watching some of the sex scenes from the first season, especially if one of his family members happens to be in the same room as him. In fact, the handsome actor recently opened up about his family’s reaction to some particular scenes and how he had to be very tactical around them. Here’s what he has to say.

Bridgerton Spoilers: The Steamy Scenes Were Even Too Much For Rege-Jean Page To Handle

As many fans know, Netflix’s Bridgerton definitely “goes there” in some of its racier scenes between the Duke of Hastings and the lady love of his life, Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor).

During an interview on the Graham Norton Show, Rege-Jean Page said that he uses a group chat to warn his family members of which episodes they should avoid. And by that, he means the episodes in which Simon and Daphne get very, very personal.

“We’ve got a family WhatsApp group, so there’s a couple flashing red light emojis and there’s the odd peach emoji—certain people have threatened to rate my peach,” he told the host.

Unfortunately, though Simon says that he failed to inform some of his cousins about some particular scenes. Needless to say, they were left shocked and especially when his character the Duke of Hastings began to undress in his honeymoon scene with his new bride Daphne.

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“A couple of cousins missed the memo,” he told Graham Norton during their interview. “So they’re watching the show and I got a very stern message in my Instagram DMs just going, ‘There really needs to be a cousin warning.'”

Now, whether or not the Duke of Hastings will be getting just as busy in Bridgerton Season 2 remains to be seen. Reports have indicated that the highly-rated Netflix series will begin filming new episodes by this spring. We will definitely update you with all of the latest details as they come in.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Bridgerton Season 2 right now. Come back here often for all the latest Bridgerton Season 2 spoilers, news, and updates.

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