Days of our Lives (DOOL) Spoilers: Linda Dano Speaks Out About Her Recast

 Days of our Lives (DOOL) Spoilers: Linda Dano Speaks Out About Her RecastDays of our Lives (DOOL) spoilers reveal that fans are now seeing Linda Dano (ex-Felicia Grant, Another World) as Vivian Alamain on the NBC sudser. Dano is a daytime legend and fans are thrilled to have her back on the screen. For her part Dano is also pleased to be back and she recently talked to Michael Fairman TV about her triumphant return to daytime.

Days of our Lives spoilers: Linda Dano is a Daytime Veteran

Both Louise Sorel and Robin Strasser have played Vivian Alamain who is a force of nature. When Dano was asked about following these ladies in the role she said, “I kind of want to feel that as an actor, I can take a part and really, truly try and make it my own. I wouldn’t want to copy someone, even though the fans of days maybe wouldn’t like me to do that because they’re so in love with Louise and that’s so dear for her, but I never felt that way.”

She added, “And after I talked to Ron [Carlivati], the [head] writer, we went over the whole plot and we talked about it for quite a long time, and he said to me openly, ‘Listen, we want you to bring whatever you want to this part.’ And I took that literally, so, as much as I gave the flavor—I hope, I hope the fans will see that from DAYS—the quality of Vivian, I also added a little bit of Linda Dano.”

Linda Dano Stars as Vivian Alamain

During the interview Dano was asked about her role as romance novelist Felicia on AW and she talked about her incredible nearly 20 year run.

“And yet, after I began playing her, I went to the writers and I said to them after about three months, ‘Would you mind if I kind of breathed a little soul into this character?’ And they went, ‘Yeah, yeah, sure, Linda. That’d be fine.’”

“They just didn’t even care what I was saying, and I did. I breathed soul into Felicia and you know, eighteen years later, that was it; we were done, with more memories than I can even begin to count.”


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Days of our Lives spoilers: What Happens Next in Salem?

What happens next for Vivian Alamain in Salem? Her manservant Ivan (Ivan G’Vera) tried to please her by “replacing” her twins. Although she was not involved in the crime, she will no doubt become wrapped up in the aftermath.

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