TLC 90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Is Natalie Mordovtseva Pregnant?

TLC 90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Is Natalie Mordovtseva Pregnant?90 Day Fiancé spoilers tease that Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist, although they have had their share of fights and ups and downs during their time as a 90 Day Fiancé couple, one of their problems may be solved. Natalie had wanted to have a baby but Mike wasn’t so sure. Even though Mike may still not be on the same page, at least Natalie might be pregnant with his baby!

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Natalie Mordovtseva Has Fans Speculating Pregnancy Over An Instagram Post

Natalie poses with a “golden flower” and is dressed in a rich purple velvet dress. Actually, the “flower” appears to be a type of lamp. Some of the Instagrammers commented that it was a “Beauty and The Beast” type flower and others referred to it as a “jar flower”. Fans noted that Natalie hated the color purple when Mike had tried to give her purple flowers but yet here she is dressed in a purple velvet dress.

Commenters also speculated that there was a great deal of photoshopping applied to the photo, speculating that the flower looked odd on the photo because of Natalie photoshopping to hide a baby belly. They said her huge breasts in the photo, larger than they normally are, were also a result of Natalie trying to photoshop out a baby bump! Natalie did not respond to any of those comments, but rather ignored them.

She did reply to one fan who commented about the engagement ring, claiming to know where Mike hid it, and Natalie responded by asking where the ring was, followed by a grinning emoji. When she posted one particular Instagram update after a huge disagreement with Mike that had aired on the show, the angry comments that came in were somewhat expected. Fans were joking about having IQs higher than Natalie, and some felt that her horrible attitude took away from her beauty.

TLC 90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Is Natalie Mordovtseva Pregnant?

90 Day Fiancé Updates – Mike Youngquist And Natalie Mordovtseva Have A Lot Of Fights

If Natalie is indeed not pregnant, it may be for the best – she and Mike have a lot of fights and that is not the best atmosphere in which to raise a child. They have had an average of one fight per episode that they have ever been in, on both seasons seven and eight. In Season eight, they are rethinking their decision to marry, and a baby seems to be out of the question.

However, the shows are filmed several months ahead of when they air, and every 90 Day Fiancé star has to sign a non-disclosure agreement that they will not discuss what they are filming before the show airs and completes its season. Usually, although not always, there is a Tell All filmed at the end of the season in which they do “tell-all”. In a recent episode, Natalie and Mike turned a harmless squabble over a meal into a three-ring circus, with Natalie fighting with him over his weight, his IQ, and even his social class!

Mike is usually the voice of reason and the calm one, but it turned really ugly and a bit scary as Natalie panicked and raged over her misplaced engagement ring! Fans who wondered why previews of the episode showed Natalie bawling her eyes out soon saw why, and this was one day before their wedding in Sequim, Washington. Rumor has it that they are still together, married, and now expecting a little one, but viewers will have to wait and see what is revealed at the end of the season!

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