The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Michelle Stafford’s Little Family Band Brings Her Joy

The Young and the Restless spoilers teases that Michelle Stafford’s little family band brings her joy, and it’s probably the members that bring her the most joy of all!

Michelle’s Two Children Are Playing Music Together

Michelle recently posted a photo of her two children, Natalia Scout Lee Stafford, age ten, and Jameson Jones Lee Stafford, age four playing the part of a little family band on her Instagram.

Natalia is playing piano and Jameson has a guitar, but whether he’s just pretending to play at such a young age or he’s actually making music is difficult to tell! His little fingers, however, do look like they are forming a legitimate guitar chord on the fretboard – a big one for a little guy to work with!

Michelle posted, “Support those things that bring them joy.” Her little family band brings her joy, undoubtedly, but what she is saying here is to support things that bring your children joy; if that is music lessons and learning to play a musical instrument, as in this case, support it. Parents should want their children to be happy – happy children make happy parents!

Michelle Stafford Is An In-Vitro Mother

Michelle is an in-vitro single mom, born via her embryos created with a donor or donors and carried by surrogates. She has never married but is doing great as a single mom and it’s plain to see how much she loves her two children. Natalia has been known to appear with Michelle on her Skin Nation broadcasts on Facebook live and Twitter, and you can look for her on Instagram as well.

Michelle is an inspiration to single mothers everywhere that raising children on your own can be done, and successfully, although it’s always good to have relatives and close friends to be role models to your little boys, and to be there for your own support if there is a “boy situation” you need a little advice for or help with!

Michelle Stafford Also Encourages Reading With A Special Reading Area

On a previous Instagram post, Michelle showed how she is encouraging Jameson and Natalia to become readers and to cultivate a love of books in her home. Michelle posted as follows: “This is our new “reading area” in the house that I just created this last week! I’ll have the before and after this weekend! When they WANT to read… let them, ya know? Because they might not WANT to read later, especially in our electronic age. I figured if I created a special place (just for reading) it would be fun to read and create stories. #saturdaymorning”.

There was a big white furry thing that could have been a gigantic stuffed animal that Jameson and Natalia were snuggled up in, and a basket containing books close by on the floor, within easy reach. So she is both encouraging her children in things that they love, and encouraging them to love other things such as reading!

Watch the NBC daytime drama “The Young and The Restless” to see Michelle as Phyllis Summers, who sometimes is not such a good role model as a mom! Check Celebrity Baby Laundry frequently for all the latest news, updates and developments!

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