‘Days of Our Lives’ Alumni Jen Lilley Opens Up About Mom Guilt and Struggles as a Working Mom

Jen Lilley is a dedicated momma and family clearly comes  first for her despite  being so busy starring on the Hallmark channel. As most working moms, she understands the struggle to balance work and home life.

In a new Instagram post, the Days of Our Lives alumni gets candid about be a working mom and having mom guilt despite loving her career. She also asks her fans for advice on combating mom guilt.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Alumni Jen Lilley Opens Up About Mom Guilt and Struggles as a Working Mom

“Enjoyed some quality time with family and friends before leaving for Canada. Family is everything. Working mommas, don’t worry about working, just be present when you’re not. I love working more than most people, and I LOVE every single moment on @hallmarkchannel sets, but I still get serious mom guilt leaving my kiddos. (Totally taking the boys once #foster son is #adopted and I can get him a passport). But alas, I cope by cramming in a few days of fun before I go every time. Emails go unanswered, phone calls are missed, and it’s all about my fam. Hence the beach and the 🦕 museum and 6 flags and the fall bake off (#pumpkinseason) before departure. But hey, the boys have some solid memories before I go, right? What do you deal to cope with #momguilt?”, she captioned the shot inwhich she is on the beach with her family while breastfeeding her daughter Julie.

Lilley often shares photos of her family via her Instagram account.  She recently shared a shot celebrating her daughter Julie’s 2 month old milestone. 

“2 M O N T H S O L D!
I can hold my head up (breech babies are strong!) 💕 Roll over to the side (again, this girl is freakishly strong) 💕 I smile constantly 💕 I’m sleeping up to 6 hours stretches at night (Jesus is Lord 🤣🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻) and my favorite thing to do is eat…every 20 minutes 😳 so blessed to be this little firecracker’s mama! 💥,” she captioned the shot.

Lilley ended her role as Theresa on Days of Our Lives last July. She is currently filming for the Hallmark channel.

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