‘Young and the Restless’ Star Kelly Kruger Is Counting Down The Days Until Her Due Date!

She’s almost here! ‘Young and the Restless’ star Kelly Kruger (MacKenzie Browning) is counting down the days until her due date arrives! As a matter of fact, the actress recently posted a new Instagram of her saying good bye to the summer and hello to a new chapter in her life.

Sharing a video highlight from her trip to Cabo San Lucas with her husband Darin Brooks (Wyatt Spencer on  ‘Bold and the Beautiful’), Kelly captioned her Instagram post with, “As summer comes to an end I thought I would show you the difference between last summer and this summer Swipe please How did u spend the summer??! #sopregnant #cabo #traveldiaries#9monthspregnant.”

‘Young and the Restless’ Star Kelly Kruger Is Counting Down The Days Until Her Due Date!

Clearly, Kelly Kruger’s fans are just excited as she is about the next chapter in her life as they sent her plenty of well wishes in her comments section. Some of them wrote, “And next summer will be you on the beach with a little one. I can’t wait to see how she is going to look like!” along with, “Whether it be this Summer or last Summer, you are absolutely stunning, and beautiful, and what a lucky baby your child is to have you as a Mother.”

Another fan wrote, “Amazingly beautiful and can’t wait for you to share photos of your little girl. Wishing you a comforting delivery and many blessings to you and Darin. You are definitely dropping lower.”

Seeing how open Kelly Kruger has been about her pregnancy with her fans, we have a feeling that she is definitely going to highlight and document her new life as a mom, too! Now all she and Darin have to do is relax and wait for the baby. As many parents know, the first time around is always the most difficult simply because you never know what to expect. However, we have a feeling that both Darin and Kelly are fully prepared and ready to become a brand new mother and father. We just can’t wait to see how their gorgeous little baby is going to look like!

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