Before Disney World do These Five Things at Home

It’s almost vacation time! You’ve made your reservations, reserved your Fastpasses planned your schedule and what to pack. Since the days to your trip to Disney World are counting down, here are some important things to do before Disney World.

Get used to walking Before Disney World

There will be a lot of walking when you get to Disney World. So, if you don’t walk a lot at home, start working it into your routine. That way you won’t get too tired or too sore to have a good time once you are there.

Download Your Apps Before Disney World

There are some apps you definitely want to have up and running by the time you touch down. Download My Disney Experience, first and foremost. Make sure you link your reservations to the account. In addition to that app. Download Disney Play for interactive fun while you wait in line at the attractions. For more practical applications, download Uber or Lyft if you don’t have one on your phone already. With the cost of parking in Disney World, it rarely makes sense to rent a car. Best to use these apps to get around, when complimentary transportation isn’t fast, or convenient enough. Also, download a good weather forecast app. It will help you immensely as “weather permitting” is practically Florida’s state slogan.

Go to the Bank Before Disney World

Be sure to pick up some cash for the trip. There are some things you will want to have cash on hand for, such as street vendor’s and baggage handlers.

Clean House Before Disney World

The best advice I can give is to give your house a good clean before you leave. The end of a Disney vacation is such a drag, but it helps immensely to have a clean house to come home to. On the flip side, coming home to a chaotic mess can almost undo all of the fun and great memories you’ve made like one big slap in the face.

Last Minute Store Run Before Disney World

Finally, before you close up your suitcases, go to the store to pick up any last minute travel or convenience items. Buy any snacks you want to bring along and all the things (pain reliever, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc) that you will have to pay a premium for once you get on Disney property.

How do you prepare for a Disney Vacation? Let us know in the comments!

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