5 Inspiring Family Tree Baby Shower Ideas

What better way to welcome your new child into your family than to celebrate all the unique members that make your little clan so special? A family tree baby shower can be a great way to celebrate the generations of happy people in your family, and bring people together for an amazing afternoon. Here are just a few of the ways that you can use this theme in your event.

Make your Own Invitations

Why not start by printing some of your family tree onto your invitations, with the name of your new arrival, or “baby” at the top or bottom? This is a great way to introduce your family to the theme, and it also gives them a keepsake to hold onto after the baby shower is over. After all, everyone likes looking at their own family history.

 Make Some Family Tree Decorations

Make your own family try by setting up a big plant in the middle of the room where your family members can hang a card with their name when they arrive. This is a great form of decoration, and a fantastic way to make your family members feel involved in the overall experience. Remember to decorate the space with pictures of your family in some great moments too. This will give everyone plenty to talk about as they reminisce over fond memories.

Desserts and Foods

Rather than pay for an expensive catering company to keep your group well-fed during the baby shower, why not ask everyone to bring along a famous family recipe that they’ve passed down through the generations? Everyone will have one – even if it’s just a very simple dessert. This will be a great way to gather some new recipes for the kitchen too!

Craft a Family-Themed Playlist

Parties always go better when there’s music involved. Make sure that you create a mixed tape of some of the best family favorites you can think of, including:

Ode to my family – the Cranberries
Family Affair – Mary J. Blige
We are family – Sister Sledge

Family Tree Favors

If you want some cheap and heart-warming mementos that your family members can take home with them at the end of the day’s celebrations, why not give them their own packets of seeds for flowers or herbs that they can plant in their own gardens or window boxes? This is a great way to add to the family tree theme, and you can even print little trees with your baby’s name on the packets!


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