5 Books to Help Young Readers

Reading is fun. Reading allows you to explore a world full of ideologies, opportunities, and imagination. Wouldn’t you want your kid to experience the same thing you are? I’m sure you would.

Certainly, you have to start introducing the reading culture from an early age. Take your young one and guide them into understanding the importance of reading books. Start by reading some interesting stories as you tuck them in bed. With time, they will appreciate reading books.

An advantage of books is that they are able to open a wider “lens” into the world of reality while others tackle issues experienced on a daily basis. If you’d want to help your young reader, here are 5 books for them to read:

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The Wonderful Adventures of Nils by Selma Lagerlof
The book written by Selma is a story about a Swedish kid who is shrunk into the size of a thumb. That sets him on a path to journey across Sweden looking for methods to regain his normal size. It’s a pretty solid book that would be extremely helpful to help introduce your young readers into the world of books.

The Girl who Drank The Moon by Kelly Barnhill
Barnhill’s book is an interesting fantasy book about an adventure inside a village trapped by sorrow. The book focuses on a child who is born in the village with some interesting magic. The child has serious identity crisis till she meets up with the witch. The book takes you through the enchanting adventure. It is a good family read.

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo
The Crooked Kingdom is a sequel of one of the best young reader’s stories. It is a story about outsiders and misfits who try to find their way through some crafted fantasy worlds. The book helps build grammar and ignites imagination in the mind of young readers.

The Money Savvy Student by Adam Carroll
Saving is a difficult subject for young readers since most of them don’t work. IN fact, most of them have lived lives of being provided for whenever they ask. Teaching the subject is not easy either. That’s why you have to get this book. The book has been broken down to explain the art of saving in terms of sports. It is a good read for young readers.

What All Kids Should Know About Saving and Investing by Rob Pivnick
Teaching your kids the art of saving and investing has never been easier before. The book by Rob is pretty amazing! It has been written in lay term language with lots of illustrations for your young reader to understand most of your financial topics.


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