Setting a Routine for Twins

Setting a Routine for Twins

When I had Ava, my five-year-old, I wasn’t too worried about sticking to a schedule. Sure, there was a basic schedule in mind for when she should be eating, and sleeping, but if she wanted something ahead of the clock, I didn’t mind breaking the rules.

However, after me and my husband, Daniel had our twins, Ella and Rose, we started to realize the true value of a good schedule. After all, when you have twins, if you can’t get those bundles of joy synced up, you could find yourself on round-the-clock duty, constantly putting one to sleep, while the other wakes up from a nap, and so on.

The Importance of a Good Routine

Looking after one baby can be draining enough, but when you’re looking after two at the same time, it can be so much easier to find yourself getting drained if you don’t have the right schedule in place. You might even discover that your exhaustion has you producing less milk, and you could end up feeling run down because there simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

Me and Daniel decided that we needed at least a basic schedule in place. Though it was unlikely to be iron-clad (things with children rarely are), it gave us something to strive for so that we felt more organized.

Feeding at the Same Time

If you’re juggling both twins by yourself, you might struggle more with giving both of your babies their food at the same time. Fortunately, if you have a family member or a partner to help you, feeding at the same time can help to ensure that each baby has their sleepy periods and bouts of energy at around the same time too. That means that you can sync up the rest of the day according to the feeds. Of course, if one newborn is crying with hunger, this doesn’t mean you should ignore them, but keeping feeding times on track is a great way to manage your schedule.

Sleeping at the Same Time

Keeping babies and toddlers on the same sleep schedule is the key to making sure they develop a healthy sleeping pattern, and you get some much-needed time off. We also found that because Ella and Rose were sleeping at the same time, they also woke up in need of feeding at the same time too – which meant that we could keep our meal schedules going strong!

Remember all Babies are Different

Keep in mind when you’re setting up a schedule for your twins, that all babies are different. It might take a few months to figure out how to organize meals, bath, and sleeping times so that everything works like clockwork. However, if you stick at it, you should find that things gradually begin to fall into place.

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