Long haul flights 101: How To Keep Your Kids Happy

You might think I’m totally crazy over here, but I’m planning on taking my little ones on a long haul flight this year. Yes, our family are en route to Europe and we just can’t wait. Having three young kids on a plane might sound like a recipe for disaster… At least, that’s what I’ve been told. Still, I’m pretty confident that it will all go swimmingly. Why? Well, because I’ve done my research, that’s why! Here is how you can keep your kids happy on a flight.

Always aim for an overnight flight

Okay, this first tip is essential. When it comes to flying with kids, overnight trips are always the best. That way, you can wear your little ones out in the day, and let them sleep the whole journey through. I know… It’s a genius plan, right?

Check out the ‘meet and assist’ service when booking

If you need a little extra help at the airport (with buggies or the like), this is the tip for you. When you’re booking, you can actually ask for a ‘meet and assist’ service. That means that a member of staff will help you along the way when you reach the airport.

Check-in online before you go

The last thing you want to worry about when you get to the actual airport is checking in. This can be nothing short of a nightmare when you have kids. Trust me, you need to check-in online in advance. That way, you can just walk on through to the departures lounge.

Ask for a bulkhead seat

No one wants to have their little one on their lap for an entire flight. Um, no! If you have babies traveling with you, ask for a bulkhead seat. That way, you can fix a baby cot to the wall in front of you and let your little one sleep the flight away… like a baby.

Talk to your little ones about the flight

If your kids are feeling a little tense about the flight itself, you need to have a chat with them before you travel. Make sure that you explain how there’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to flying. Your little ones will look to you for advice and support so this is essential.

Take a tablet with you!

You don’t want your kids getting bored during changeovers or the like. Make sure that you load a tablet full of fun (and educational) games before you travel. That way, you can always be sure that they will have something to do and you don’t have to worry.

Sort out your baby food well in advance

Finally, if you’re traveling with small babies, you might need to feed them formula on the flight. Be sure to sort this all out in advance. If you’re not certain what the rules are, contact your airline and ask them. Usually, the staff will be more than happy to help young families out. If you let them know what you need, I’m sure they will do everything they can to give it you.

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