How to Keep your Twins Entertained Indoors When it’s Cold Outside

Keeping twins entertained can be quite a challenge. Whether they’re babies, like my Ella and Rose, or a little more grown up, the chances are that you’ll quickly run out of ways to keep the youngsters happy when you’re stuck indoors during the cold winter months. While a journey outside can be a great way to expose your youngsters to new sights, sounds, and smells – the dreary weather of winter and unexpected spring showers can put a serious downer on your playtime.

With that in mind, here are some ways that you can keep your twins entertained indoors!

1.   Make Something Together

There’s a double benefit to this particular tip. Not only do you keep the kids enthralled, but you also end up with something yummy, or precious to keep for years to come. If your kids are a little older, you could try putting simple recipes together to make cupcakes and cookies. Give your youngsters the simpler jobs like adding chocolate chips and stirring the mix, while you take on the more dangerous things – like getting a baking tray out of the oven.

If your twins are just small, you could always make cards and art together by painting their little hands and feet for printing onto cards. You get an adorable keepsake, and they get plenty of visual and sensory stimulation.

2.   Explore together

When your twins are newborns, one of the best things that you can do to keep them entertained is talk to them. My husband Daniel used to think it was strange if he didn’t walk into a room with me having a full-blown conversation with Ella and Rose. Talking to your babies gets them used to their voice, and helps to encourage speech too. As they get a little older, you can try some sensory exploration together. For instance, fill a plastic bottle full of buttons and sequins that they can play with to enjoy sounds and colors.

There are plenty of great toys and games out there that you can encourage your youngsters to play with together. This will help to keep them entertained, and ensure that they learn how to share from an early age – something that’s particularly important with twins!


3.   Learn Something Together

Finally, one thing you’ll learn, just as I’ve learned with Ava, Ella, and Rose, is that your children are always learning from you. The things that you do and say, even the way that you act rubs off on your children more than you’d think! With that in mind, a great way to keep everyone entertained indoors is to find a way to learn something new. Watch an educational program, or find some simple words in another language that you can learn with older children.

If your youngsters are only babies or toddlers, you could find new games and songs to teach them, like hide and seek or “row row row your boat”. Bonus points if you learn something too!

What do you do keep your twins or children entertained inside when it’s yucky out? Let me know in the comments!

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