‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Star Linsey Godfrey Shares A Dilemma All Moms Can Relate Too

'The Bold and the Beautiful' Star Linsey Godfrey Shares A Dilemma All Moms Can Relate Too

“The Bold and the Beautiful” Linsey Godfrey [Caroline Spencer Forrester] recently shared an adorable photo of her baby girl Twitter. Any mom – or dad for that matter – can probably relate to the actress’s dilemma! Do you wake the little one or not?

In the photo 19-month-old Aleda is sleeping peacefully – on Linsey’s arm. The selfie is captioned, “Baby napping on my arm and I have to pee SOOO bad!” Linsey does look a little bit uncomfortable!

One fan advised, “@linseygodfrey and she looks so peaceful!! Slide the arm out, go tinkle & sneak back in for more baby love!!” Good advice, but doesn’t always work with babies. We wonder if Linsey was able to do so successfully.

Another “B&B” viewer definitely sympathized! “LOL my dog does that to me all the time!!!” Hey, human baby, fur baby, they all like to snuggle up to us and fall asleep don’t they?

Robert Adamson [Noah Newman] of “The Young and the Restless” is cutie pie Aleda’s daddy. The couple may no longer be together but in a statement released after their break-up Adamson and Godfrey states “they would remain amicable and always make their daughter’s needs a priority.”

If the Twitter picture of a deeply sleeping Aleda on Linsey’s arm is any indication – Linsey is definitely keeping that promise.

So have you ever found yourself in this predicament with a sleeping child? How were you able to sneak away and then sneak back in without waking your little one? Celeb Baby Laundry wants to know.