Molly Sims Shops With Scarlett


Molly Sims was spotted out shopping with her daughter Scarlett May in Beverly Hills, CA on Wednesday (Feb. 3). 

The Barely Famous actress was dressed in a bohemian dress and vest while she put her daughter in their waiting car. She smiled and waved happily at the photo-takers. 

The former model recently talked about the pressures of modelling and how she managed to stay a size ‘0’. 

“I would walk 14 miles a day,” Sims told HuffPost Live.“It was very difficult to stay the weight that you were supposed to stay. I didn’t eat sometimes for a couple of days.”

These days, the 42-year-old mother of two says that staying rail thin is not a priority for her. 

“What I look like, it doesn’t have as much weight,” she explained. “Now that I have a husband and a family and I have kids, I’m not consumed with trying to get into the size 2. Who gives a shit if I’m in a size 6?” 

Sims is also mom to son Brooks.

She and Scott Stuber married in 2011.

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