‘General Hospital’ News: Kirsten Storms Shares Baby Photos – Daughter Harper Could Be Mommy’s Twin

'General Hospital' News: Kirsten Storms Shares Baby Photos – Daughter Harper Could Be Mommy’s Twin“General Hospital” Kirsten Storms [Maxi Jones] shared the most adorable photo on Twitter. The actress posted side-by-side photos of daughter Harper Rose [Georgie Spinelli] and herself, at approximately the same age. Harper Rose is definitely Kirsten’s little mini-me! Harper could be mommy’s twin!

Two-year-old Harper is Storms’ daughter with hubby, and “GH” co-star Brandon Barash [ex-Johnny Zacchara]. Occasionally the toddler pops up on the soap opera as Georgie, daughter of Maxie and Damian Spinelli [Bradford Anderson].

No wonder the casting department keeps Harper on as Georgie! She looks just like her mommy Kirsten. The pic Storms posted on Twitter is captioned, “OMG. RT @rylanstorms: @teenystweeting #TransformationTuesday? Mother to daughter???”

Harper popped up as Georgie for Christmas in Port Charles but viewers haven’t seen her since. Don’t you think it’s about time for the little girl to make the trip from Portland with Spinelli and Ellen Trout [Emily Wilson] to visit Maxie and Nathan (Ryan Paevey]? Maybe the little one will pop up for Mother’s Day, who knows!

In the meantime “General Hospital” fans can follow Kirsten Storms or Brandon Barash on either Twitter or Instagram – or both. Harper Rose’s parents often share photos of their little girl – and sometimes even some family photos.

We think Harper Rose Barash is absolutely adorable and we look forward to seeing more photos. Hopefully Kirsten and Brandon don’t mind sharing with “General Hospital” fans.