Last minute Gift Guide Suggestions For Young Children

Last minute Gift suggestions for Children

When choosing the perfect gift for the little guy or gal in your life, sometimes you have to step outside of the box. I love every item on this list because they have put a smile on our face. Whether we’re singing along to tunes or sitting in a comfy chair watching our favorite movies, these four items totally rock Christmas and I know you’ll love them too!

Disney Imagicademy Kiddesign Shape Blaster Boom Box from eKids

Disney Imagicademy Kiddesign Shape Baster Boom Box

When we’re in the car, my daughter, Ava loves listening to music. This year I thought it would be cool to try to find something that will inspire the music lover within her. The Disney Imagicademy Kiddesign Shape Blaster Boom Box does just that. Kids get to express themselves through music. They can sing and dang to the music, all the while they’re learning shapes. The music is upbeat and you never know if it will get you moving to the beat as well. This toy is perfect for ages 3 and up and it helps kids focus on their creative thinking skills. It’s easy to clean and requires batteries, you can pick one up for $19.99.

The Black Howdy Cow from Trumpette

Trumpette Rubber Bouncy Cow

This is one of the best toys out there in toyland in 2015. Ava is a huge fan of the The Black Howdy Cow. It’s pretty simple, it’s just a rubber bouncy cow. The kids can sit on the cow and bounce around. It’s a fun time and you’re sure to have many belly laughs with it. You can pick up your own version of The Black Howdy Cow for $45.00.

“My First Christmas” Reindeer Stripe Footie from Little Me (Size 3 Months)

My First Christmas Reindeer Stripe Footie

When my oldest daughter was born, I was a huge fan of the “my first holiday” outfits. It was always a ton of fun celebrating new holidays with them. Which is why I’m a huge fan of the “My First Christmas” Reindeer Stripe Footie in size 3M. The reindeer on the outfit is too cute for words and I love the red stripes with the green outline. It’s a perfect addition for Christmas, no doubt! Get one of these for the new baby in your life!

Delta Children Club Chair (Disney Minnie Mouse)

Delta Children Club Chair (Disney Minnie Mouse)

Little kids love when they have stuff that is the perfect size for them. Our Delta Children Club Chair (Disney Minnie Mouse) has come in handy several times when Ava would like to watch her favorite movies. I just put her chair on the carpet and she sits there and watches the movie while eating her popcorn. It makes her feel quite like the little Princess. The Delta Children Club Chair comes in the styles of Frozen, Cars, Ninja Turtles, and Minnie Mouse.

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