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With a four-year-old daughter and twins on-the-way, I have come to the realization that family outings are going to be a little more difficult. To have an enjoyable outing, I’m going to need to make sure I’m carrying as little as possible. It’s not fun to be weighed down by a million things when you only have one child, so I can imagine how impossible it is with more. I somehow doubt my four-year-old, is going to want to carry a huge bag of baby gear and toys for her siblings. Yes, life is changing for me, but I’m so glad I discovered Playskool’s toys that offer sensory play anytime, anywhere with the Play-Stow-Go toys and more.

One of the first things on my list is to find the lightest-weight stroller possible. This is not going to be easy, considering I will have twins to push around while having a youngster to keep a hold of while out. The stroller is going to need space for a diaper bag and all the other things two babies need. A good compact stroller makes collapsing and expanding it much easier. Also bigger strollers tend to have large wheels, making it almost impossible to navigate lanes while shopping at the mall. 

However, toys are essential in keeping kids calm on outings. Don’t underestimate how important it is to your sanity for a child to be able to play with their favourite toy. We’ve all been there…that moment when you forgot your child’s favourite toy. A mini-meltdown can cause a lot of stress, but luckily there is a solution.

Playskool understands children need to be able to play anytime and anywhere, so they have created a new line of Play-Stow-Go toys. These new toys are collapsible and portable, so they compact to easily stow inside a stroller, diaper bag, purse, and some can even be tucked away into your jacket pocket!

Dressy Kids Girl

Playskool also remembers that children are like little sponges; soaking up every experience and storing it as knowledge. Playing is a prime opportunity to learn, and Playskool’s toys aren’t just convenient, they are amazing tools for developing fine motor skills and sensory play. For example, the Playskool Dressy Kids Girl is packed with parent-pleasing and fun features like:

  • Opportunity to practice dressing skills with 5 activities: zip, button, buckle, fasten, tie
  • Included clip makes it easy to Play, Stow, and Go
  • Adorable plush girl is machine washable

Toys like Playskool’s Play-Stow-Go allow your kids to play and learn anywhere, at any time. Allowing your child, the opportunity to learn through play prepares them for upcoming experiences. It’s also great for completing tasks like grocery shopping without the dreaded boredom and inevitable question, “Are we almost done?

The selection of Playskool’s toys don’t stop at convenient entertainment. Playskool also has childhood favorites like Sesame Street, Mr. Potato Head, Playskool Heroes, and Playskool Friends. Kids can go on a rescue mission with Iron Man, cuddle with Elmo, and explore the endless possibilities with Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.

Don’t forget to visit the Playskool website to see all Play-Stow-Go toys and to find out where they can be purchased.

Disclaimer: Although this post has been generously sponsored by Playskool, the opinions and language are my own.

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