Ways to Boost Energy While Pregnant

Ways to Boost Energy While Pregnant

When you become pregnant, you may feel that your energy levels have been depleted. Especially in the first trimester and again in the third, it is common for pregnant women to feel exhausted more often and not. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to feel more awake and well while you carry your child.

Read on for five ways to boost your energy while pregnant!

1. A well balanced diet

In order to have more energy during pregnancy, you must fuel your body correctly. High protein foods such as steak, eggs, and beans are important to keep you going. Combine the protein with complex carbs from fruits and vegetables and iron (fortified cereals, spinach, and dried fruit) to feel more ready to take on the day.

2. A brief nap

Growing a little one is exhausting on the body. Make sure you are getting enough sleep during pregnancy to ward off the foggy, fatigued feeling. Eight hours of sleep each night is recommended for most pregnant women. If you feel the need, a brief nap may also be warranted on busy days. Just be careful not to sleep too much during the day, as it may keep you awake at night.

3. Light exercise

A short walk or a swim may seem like too much activity when you are exhausted, but staying active every day can actually help increase your energy while pregnant. Talk to your doctor to ensure it is okay for you to exercise. Also, be sure not to overdo it. Too much fitness can leave you feeling just as drained as before!

4. Time for you

Pregnancy can be a stressful time. It’s a period of change, getting things ready, worrying about becoming a parent and if everything will go according to plan. All of that stress can really take away your energy. Battle this with some “me time” regularly. Go for a pedicure, or shop for a new maternity top. Just visiting a local park with a good book can help you refresh and reduce your stress levels so you feel more energetic.

5. Adjust your schedule

Because pregnancy is so demanding on your body, it may not be possible for you to continue an incredibly active lifestyle. Take a look at your schedule and cut back on your time so you have more time to rest and unwind each day. Don’t feel bad for turning down a dinner invite or shopping trip. Skipping these will give you more energy for things that you must get done.

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